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anybody willing to proxy a zip backpack all the way to Australia? :3
Looking to get a second pair of raw denim: Can anyone recommend a fit that's slightly looser than the levi's 511? Any APCs that would fit the bill?
perfect service! responses were fast and informative and shipping was timely. 5/5 :)
any chance of the watercolours (especially blue) coming back next year? shame that most high end t-shirt producers don't do a baby blue :(
can tailors make a shirt shorter? Is it expensive, or is it as easy as shortening sleeves?
I currently have a pair of levis 511 and now looking to upgrade to APC. At the moment i find that my 511s are slightly too tight in the thighs and the rise is a bit low for my tastes; the crotch is slightly tight. Which fit should i go for?
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