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Cleaning out some items I never wear/use anymore. Solid Made in USA gear for a good price.   Raising money to feast on delicious ramen on my Japan trip in May.   Jean Shop jeans Rocker Fit Tag size: 32 Light-weight Chambray denim Exclusive Japanese fabric with Jean Shop orange selvedge Riri zipper fly Made in USA Retail $260 Like new - tried on   $55   http://worldjeanshop.com/?product=light-chambray-rocker (jeans are darker than images on website - ref...
 I lol'ed, then lol'd some more.
 Awesome, thanks man, I'll check these places out. Just remembered, I had ramen at Shigezo and thought it was pretty good.
 None, lol. It blows my mind that the dress code for every professional environment I've been in locally is jeans and a sweatshirt. Or if you're on the east side, male jeggings.  My midwest parents didn't even finish their Lardo sandwiches. My mom flat out didn't like hers. I enjoyed whatever I had, but it wasn't anything special.   If anyone lives in the burbs (read: Beaverton), I really enjoy Shoten sushi by Walker/158th; my gf even...
 The wire/clasp closure is annoying to deal with, at least for me.
 Awesome, I'll hold tight until you launch yours. Can't wait. Thanks for the info.
Apologies if I missed it, but is their any sort of tentative timeframe on the EPLA sweats; the hoodie, in particular. April? May? I'm itching for a new hoodie so hard right now.
I don't care about the safety of it or my life - Darwinism. I'm just curious what the cause was. Since it was a gradual lock-up, I'm assuming it was from fluid expanding, which means I probably had too much in there. Just wanted affirmation this theory is sound since I don't post on any other forums at present. Do you have insights or just want to post snide remarks?   This bike is neato:  
My brakes locked up today. I undid the bleeder and it spat out some fluid and now seems fine. Did I just have too much in there?
 Reposted for emphasis.
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