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Lexol and brush 'em and call it good.
Alden Captoe Style No. 4065 Black Shell Cordovan  Size 9.5 D Double leather sole All eyelets Grant Last   Double leather sole has lots of life left.   This is an awesome Captoe make-up on the Grant last with all-eyelets.   "Bootmaker Edition" is The Shoe Mart's make-up.   http://www.theshoemart.com/alden-mens-cap-toe-boot-shell-cordovan-color-8/pvc-ald-mxsbd-4060_ald_m_cap_toe_boot_shell_cordovan.html
Vintage Hanover LB Sheppard Signature PTB's #8 Shell Cordovan  Size 10 D   Double leather sole and rubber heel are basically new. Tons of life left.   Lots of tonal variations; truly unique.
Vintage AE MacNeil Long-wings. Style No. 9147 #8 Shell Cordovan  Size 10 D   Double leather sole has lots of life left. Cat's Paw heel could stand to be replaced soon.   Never noticed before, but there's tearing at the heel on one of the shoes. Priced accordingly.   Lots of tonal variations; truly unique.
Everyone in China rides with Hippo Hands, and it ain't even that cold there. Also, the motorcycle cops out here have them.
Anymore pics?
 Nice gloves, princess.
The toaster tank always looked strange to me, but that's a beautiful integration. That bike is superb... besides the stupid end-bar mirrors 
     Ok, I'm going to recap with the abridged version... STEP 1: CLEAN/CONDITIONWipe down boots with a damp rag to remove dirt/dust. Condition. Brush. STEP 2: *WAX BASE LAYERThis is the "military shine" procedure of applying wax and melting it down with a lighter. It can be argued it's bad for the boots; ya well, I also oven-baked these boots to apply SnoSeal. I ain't timid. Apply a healthy amount of Kiwi on the toe then go over it with a lighter until the wax goes from...
Do you have any fit pics? And/or your height/weight?
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