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 None, lol. It blows my mind that the dress code for every professional environment I've been in locally is jeans and a sweatshirt. Or if you're on the east side, male jeggings.  My midwest parents didn't even finish their Lardo sandwiches. My mom flat out didn't like hers. I enjoyed whatever I had, but it wasn't anything special.   If anyone lives in the burbs (read: Beaverton), I really enjoy Shoten sushi by Walker/158th; my gf even...
 The wire/clasp closure is annoying to deal with, at least for me.
 Awesome, I'll hold tight until you launch yours. Can't wait. Thanks for the info.
Apologies if I missed it, but is their any sort of tentative timeframe on the EPLA sweats; the hoodie, in particular. April? May? I'm itching for a new hoodie so hard right now.
I don't care about the safety of it or my life - Darwinism. I'm just curious what the cause was. Since it was a gradual lock-up, I'm assuming it was from fluid expanding, which means I probably had too much in there. Just wanted affirmation this theory is sound since I don't post on any other forums at present. Do you have insights or just want to post snide remarks?   This bike is neato:  
My brakes locked up today. I undid the bleeder and it spat out some fluid and now seems fine. Did I just have too much in there?
 Reposted for emphasis.
Man, over the winter I replaced the intake seals on my bike, and checked that I had the appropriate jets in the carb and replaced some gaskets. I guess buell/harley guys recommend replacing the intake seals every ~3 years, and mine were the original from '97. Bike now richer across the board, which is to be expected, but throttle response much better. But... I still get damn hiccups at low rpm's under light throttle / low load, which was the main reason I wanted to attack...
Neutral, Brown, Cordovan, any will work if we're talking wax polishing. Hell, black is good, too, if you want a mottled black cherry look. Safest is neutral; I've never understood the need for tinted wax, other than if you're looking to also fill in color for scratch/gouges or something similar where there's colour-loss.
 Old jeans that I don't wear anymore due to the fit, or falling out of preference.  That's a start.  I could just Goodwill/Salvation Army them, which is what I normally do with my clothes; always looking for an excuse for a new project, though. I've seen some pretty dope tool-rolls out of denim; might be the way to go for me. Something I can do with just a needle and thread, right?
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