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Finally fixed my brake issue. I bled the brakes, then they started locking up after 10 min of riding. I took apart the MC and cleaned it all out - was pretty gunky. Put everything back together and couldn't get any lever pressure no matter what I tried. I thought maybe I couldn't air past the MC banjo bolt, so I bought a banjo bolt with bleeder. While I bought that, I bought a SS line, because why the hell not? I went on vacation and had the parts shipped while I was gone....
  Oh, so that's why it's tight on me   Damn getting old and slowing metabolism.
 I would own a Vanson over a Dainese any day. For starters, they are much cheaper, used. Secondly, they are made in USA (except the occasional made in hondurus, or whereever it was, models). The leather is thicker and seems sturdier than Dainese, having handled both. It should provide better abrasion resistance, though I'm confident most Dainese jackets are more than up to the task of protection under any falls. I have never been impressed with Dainese for the money, and...
Anyone seen a Meermin bag in person? Thoughts? Seem like a good value.
 My buddy loves his Blunnie's. I was looking at getting some Comfort Craftsman RM's for my recent vacation to walk around, but just couldn't do it... As my buddy put it, Chelsea boots are too "Dane Cook".
I liked my Red Wings but could never get over how awful the Ronald McDonald bulbous toe looked; I still want a pair of moc-toes at some point. I really liked the SB leathers I experienced: Featherstone and CR&T. They seemed much sturdier than CXL. I was able to get good shine on Redwings, but I got good shine out of CXL, too, just a matter of elbow grease. The Featherstone Beckman's would stay presentable longer, but all it takes is a good 30 sec of brushing per boot to...
 I really like how they turned out.
 All that's required to get that luster shown is a good brushing and then buffing with an old t-shirt; no product necessary.
If anyone is looking for some gear I'm going to be putting up some things for sale soon: - Aero FQHH jacket (40) - Vanson technical sport rider pants (36 TTS or something, I'll have to look again) - Sidi corsa boots (9.5)
This thing has got to be loud as eff.
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