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Came across these; they look pretty good:
 Awesome man. I really like mine (the light brown). Yours lookin' good!
 I love the Austens. Please post pics if you can; it's hard to find many pics of worn ones!
While looking for old, small CB's, there was a CB350f locally for about $3k. I had to google the model and came across this youtube:   Makes me almost want to shell out for it. How fun does that look?   Reminds me of people talking about how slow cars are more fun to drive (at least on public roads). Only having ~35hp looks awesome since you can rev it to 11k in all gears on normal roads without going supersonic in 3...
 Awesome tonal variation. Look good.
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What it needs is less shitposters. I like when people post good, bad or indifferent experiences in all threads, but seems like several people have an irrational crusade against w1k's and really love to belabor a point. Chromexcel scuffs. White's are better. Coconut oil is the best way to treat bull penis. We get it.
 Vintage is fine since I can always ride the Buell if I have to wrench on it. Thanks for recommendations! This looks pretty nice, but seems like a lot of money for what it is?
How about a small motorcycle for riding a few miles to work and back? Thinking something like a 250cc. Looking for something small and light. I have something obscene like a 27" inseam. I like a standard/upright riding position. Cheap running costs and good mpg. Hoping for ~$1.5-2k max. CB250?
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