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I liked my Red Wings but could never get over how awful the Ronald McDonald bulbous toe looked; I still want a pair of moc-toes at some point. I really liked the SB leathers I experienced: Featherstone and CR&T. They seemed much sturdier than CXL. I was able to get good shine on Redwings, but I got good shine out of CXL, too, just a matter of elbow grease. The Featherstone Beckman's would stay presentable longer, but all it takes is a good 30 sec of brushing per boot to...
 I really like how they turned out.
 All that's required to get that luster shown is a good brushing and then buffing with an old t-shirt; no product necessary.
If anyone is looking for some gear I'm going to be putting up some things for sale soon: - Aero FQHH jacket (40) - Vanson technical sport rider pants (36 TTS or something, I'll have to look again) - Sidi corsa boots (9.5)
This thing has got to be loud as eff.     http://silodrome.com/harley-davidson-custom-883/         http://dontouchthewatch.tumblr.com/post/82642297609/thedapperproject-habermannandsons-r90-6-by
God damn mother fucking brakes keep slowly locking up anytime I ride the thing 15 minutes. Then I can pop the bleeder and it'll spit some fluid out, and I'm good to go again. I've bleed them (3) times now. Don't get it. Never did this before I bled them. Driving me nuts.
Naw, a '97 Buell ain't worth a damn thing.
Cleaning out some items I never wear/use anymore. Solid Made in USA gear for a good price.   Raising money to feast on delicious ramen on my Japan trip in May.   Jean Shop jeans Rocker Fit Tag size: 32 Light-weight Chambray denim Exclusive Japanese fabric with Jean Shop orange selvedge Riri zipper fly Made in USA Retail $260 Like new - tried on   $55   http://worldjeanshop.com/?product=light-chambray-rocker (jeans are darker than images on website - ref...
 I lol'ed, then lol'd some more.
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