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Oh OK, all goes back to this blog: http://lyramag.blogspot.com/2012/11/wolverine-wolverine-1000-mile-footwear.html   See: WHITEPINE   Same seller also has the top strap ones.   Crasy...
What the...       http://www.ebay.com/itm/Wolverine-1000-Mile-Boots-/221165955233?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item337e84a8a1
  Looks great; better than out-of-the-box for sure.
Kiwi, water and brushing.
  Crappy cell-phone pic; wet spots on floor are from the rain run-off:       American boots for my American motorcycle. Also have my American-made Elkskin gloves from Fox Creek Leather. Just need to keep saving for a Langlitz jacket... I generally go for my 1K's for riding, sometimes the LTD 721's.
Rode my bike to work in the rain today, like every day. Don't need no rubber soles!
You don't need to do anything with dublin, as it's waxy leather. The AE store in Chicago on Michigan Ave. only recommended I use Saddle-Soap on my AE McTavish (natural dublin).   I'd just wear them and watch a natural patina develop.   That said...   Cross-post from the AE thread, this is what I did to mine:           1. Went over the whole boot with Kiwi-black 2. Went over the toe with some Kiwi-black and a lot of Kiwi-neutral as I prefer...
What does anyone think about mixed-material using the python as an accent, as you see in the leather/suede boots, instead of using the python as the entire upper? I personally would get more wear out of them in this fashion.
    These are insane. Love them.
  Beautiful. Well done.   I bull everything I own and then stop. Post pics if you work on the whole thing!
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