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  Definitely. If I had some on hand, I'd use that. Unfortunately, I don't. I'll probably just end up using a sharpie and then going over it with black polish. Might try to see if I can get edge dressing at the grocery store, though.
  This. Round, but fatter. I usually end up with square leather lacing all my boots. Not a fan of the flat laces at all.     I didn't even think about that, but now that you mention it, I think that would look great. I'll try something and get back to you.
  Nah, the waxy Dublin doesn't take polish very well, so just wipe them all over with a little black and you should be good; then post pics!
  Thanks!     Thanks! You don't have to do anything before wearing them, but I couldn't help myself. I used Lexol, then Black Kiwi to darken them a bit, then Neutral Kiwi to shine the toe. Dublin, being a waxy-leather, does not take polish wax very easily, obviously, so it takes some elbow grease to get any semblance of shine.
Ahhh, starting to look like a proper boot in my rotation now:           2nd photo more accurate to colour.   The toe gouge is pretty significant, but I'll just have to get over it.
  Unlucky.   Fitwise, they fit exactly the same as the Classic 1K's and my 721 LTD's; that is, exactly half a size large.   I wear a 9.5 in most AE lasts. 9 in Wolverines.   Leffot says the 744 is TTS because it's a different last than the normal 1K. The 744 last is the same as the 721. Leffot is smoking crack:  
  x2.   Would still love New Rey.
The bag/luggage teaser on Meermin's tumblr has piqued my interest.
Lol.   The lowest my oven goes is 175; but oven temperatures are usually off by a good 15%.   I would do 125 to 175 - whatever lowest is.   For 8 to 10 minutes.   Pull it out.   Slather it up quickly and generously.     Cranes: any idea why my 1K's are stiffer and less supple than the 1K's I saw/felt in Nordstrom's the other day? Sno-Seal? Too much leather product? Not enough wear? Only talking about my CXL's here, not the 721's.
New Posts  All Forums: