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  Wearing all American today.
Carmina Rain is basically perfect:       All Carmina lasts are pretty damn good.   Alden Plaza   Alfred Sargent 98 & 104   Anything from JL, G&G, C&J, EG, Vass, et al. are all just a little off for me.
  LOL. The gf got me some of the Defender, too! I'm going to try it on my Aldens.        Nice! My CXL 1K's are due for something. I'll give it a try, thanks.
The MTO's I ordered 5 months ago have been lost by FedEx, according to Pepe. I am crushed.
  My gf got me some Saphir Reno for the holidays; loving the luster it creates.
  I lace it all the way up, then wrap around between the top and one-down speed-hook (if that makes sense at all). I use 72" leather laces on all my boots.     It's Chromexcel in the Color 8 finish. The only Shell #8 Wolverine boot was the now extinct 721 LTD.   If you want some luster, try SnoSeal then Kiwi - worked for me!       I had RW Beckman's (new GT's) in 9.5. They were slightly large, but then I got used to them. I have Wolverine's in 9 and they are perfect. I...
  I'm not sure how that'd be possible.
    bespoken4me, I appreciate your first-hand experience.   I have had no such ill-effects using Lexol or Kiwi on my shell shoes. I've even SnoSealed my shell boots, the heresy!   Shell is still vegetable tanned leather, after-all, and can basically be treated in the same fashion.   Nick V. made a post once to avoid Lexol, but made no follow-up comments of substantiation, that I know of.   Regarding...
  Boots or shoes? Either way, #8 + Plaza + Commando = Alden heaven 
        Internet is terrible at conveying tone, and I can be terse, so for that I apologize. Adding the "IMO" was my futile attempt at showcasing my personal beliefs are far from any objective fact.   It's been discussed in this thread how other makers (C&J, Carmina, et al.) have equal or better quality at a lower price-point when it comes to calf. I did not mean to disparage the fact that Alden's in calf are certainly a step-up from say, a comparable Allen Edmonds, and...
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