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You can get Cone Mills Selvedge @Bonobos for $78 on sale now.
  Noted. Thanks for the information. Explains why I was able to shine SnoSeal and Christian is struggling to with HDLP.   I don't think either are really needed on Shell, but that didn't stop me, lol.
  Get out of this thread.         They're both beeswaxed-based products for weather-proofing.
Just wanted to give some feedback on my MTO experience...   I inquired through the main site about MTO options and was sent the MTO pdf by Pepe. I picked out a design and Pepe was very prompt in answering questions and handling the ordering process. I paid half, up front, as per standard procedure. Throughout the weeks and months, Pepe replied whenever I had an inquiry on progress. Finally, I was notified my pair was complete, and I was invoiced for the balance. Pepe...
I had no problems getting lots of gloss out of my #8 boots, treated with SnoSeal (used ala Crane's method, similar to Obenauf's):       I still hold that most people over-think it when it comes to shoe care; it's pretty hard to mess up leather in my experience.
  The Crane's Method of SnoSeal-ing:   I use the oven to bake on lowest setting (150-170 F) for 8-10 minutes to warm the leather, as opposed to using a hair-dryer like above.   Follow-Up with occasional boot-oil or leather conditioner of your choice. Some examples:   - Filson Boot Oil - Montana Pitch Blend - Venetian Shoe Cream - Neatsfoot Oil - Obenauf's - Lexol     This info really...
  Wearing all American today.
Carmina Rain is basically perfect:       All Carmina lasts are pretty damn good.   Alden Plaza   Alfred Sargent 98 & 104   Anything from JL, G&G, C&J, EG, Vass, et al. are all just a little off for me.
  LOL. The gf got me some of the Defender, too! I'm going to try it on my Aldens.        Nice! My CXL 1K's are due for something. I'll give it a try, thanks.
The MTO's I ordered 5 months ago have been lost by FedEx, according to Pepe. I am crushed.
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