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        Internet is terrible at conveying tone, and I can be terse, so for that I apologize. Adding the "IMO" was my futile attempt at showcasing my personal beliefs are far from any objective fact.   It's been discussed in this thread how other makers (C&J, Carmina, et al.) have equal or better quality at a lower price-point when it comes to calf. I did not mean to disparage the fact that Alden's in calf are certainly a step-up from say, a comparable Allen Edmonds, and...
  Lol, ya.
  Interesting. Good to know of a good SE MI cobbler, too. Personally, I would have let him polished them; I bet they'd come out amazing. At least throw some conditioner and Kiwi on them to give them some color, maybe?     0 or 1. I'm fond of the $400 #8 PTB's seconds I got off TSM.   Certainly not a long-wing. The only value-proposition to Alden is in their shell shoes, and a LWT has to be the worst platform to showcase shell IMO.
  Wooow. The brown one, AFD. That's a good looking shoe.
  Use Kiwi on it to polish like you would a calfskin shoe. I have polished all my shell shoes with Kiwi polish wax with great results.
  Anything out of the scrap Radica.
  Nice job. Looks great, and much better than out-the-box. Nice laces, too.
  Dammmn. Jealous.
  Lol my Fed-Ex tracking has been on "initiated - shipment info sent to fexex" for 2 weeks now with no further action; I've sort of just accepted I'll get them when they get here; better than my Alden debacle at least. Bummer you won't have them for your trip, though.
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