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The MTO's I ordered 5 months ago have been lost by FedEx, according to Pepe. I am crushed.
  My gf got me some Saphir Reno for the holidays; loving the luster it creates.
  I lace it all the way up, then wrap around between the top and one-down speed-hook (if that makes sense at all). I use 72" leather laces on all my boots.     It's Chromexcel in the Color 8 finish. The only Shell #8 Wolverine boot was the now extinct 721 LTD.   If you want some luster, try SnoSeal then Kiwi - worked for me!       I had RW Beckman's (new GT's) in 9.5. They were slightly large, but then I got used to them. I have Wolverine's in 9 and they are perfect. I...
  I'm not sure how that'd be possible.
    bespoken4me, I appreciate your first-hand experience.   I have had no such ill-effects using Lexol or Kiwi on my shell shoes. I've even SnoSealed my shell boots, the heresy!   Shell is still vegetable tanned leather, after-all, and can basically be treated in the same fashion.   Nick V. made a post once to avoid Lexol, but made no follow-up comments of substantiation, that I know of.   Regarding...
  Boots or shoes? Either way, #8 + Plaza + Commando = Alden heaven 
        Internet is terrible at conveying tone, and I can be terse, so for that I apologize. Adding the "IMO" was my futile attempt at showcasing my personal beliefs are far from any objective fact.   It's been discussed in this thread how other makers (C&J, Carmina, et al.) have equal or better quality at a lower price-point when it comes to calf. I did not mean to disparage the fact that Alden's in calf are certainly a step-up from say, a comparable Allen Edmonds, and...
  Lol, ya.
  Interesting. Good to know of a good SE MI cobbler, too. Personally, I would have let him polished them; I bet they'd come out amazing. At least throw some conditioner and Kiwi on them to give them some color, maybe?     0 or 1. I'm fond of the $400 #8 PTB's seconds I got off TSM.   Certainly not a long-wing. The only value-proposition to Alden is in their shell shoes, and a LWT has to be the worst platform to showcase shell IMO.
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