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    These are insane. Love them.
  Beautiful. Well done.   I bull everything I own and then stop. Post pics if you work on the whole thing!
I think it may go away after some breakin. Keep us updated.
  Nice looking shoe, and nice look pants; where the pants from?
  I did not notice any black ink on my pant bottoms or bleeding through the edges to appear on the surface. So long as you allow the ink to sufficiently dry, I think you'd be safe. On my intramural college soccer team we sharpied our t-shirt "jerseys", and I remember playing in rain and washing many times, with no bleed-off on to skin or other clothing.   If you end up with sharpie where you don't want it, I think it's going to be tough to remedy. I'd imagine anything...
Thanks!   How new are yours? Mine slipped a little but that eventually went away. If it's persistent, wear thicker socks or add an insert, as it's too big.
  Thanks! From the grocery store in the Kiwi endcap.     Appreciate you letting us know about the deal!     Thank you! And thanks to zazadojo for the idea!
    Thanks guys!   One last shot:    
Cleaned mine up a bit:       RW's leather takes a polish nicely.
  Appreciate this post. Their belts look great, especially for the price. Will have to pick some up soon. Thanks!     I love the way the Austen looks, but never understood why it commands the premium over the classic 1K's.
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