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Sign me up if it's a chukkah on Ben.
Why does it have to warmup so long?   60 and sunny today. Tons of bikes on the road on my ride to work this morning. Life is good.
   All my jealousy...
  Ya, you right bro. That's my bad.   I'm guilty of the following here:
  Holy shit, that is one misinformed article. I suggest you might do a bit of better research. That piece doesn't even cite an author, probably out of embarrassment, and is just some random persons misguided notions.   Nyquist demonstrates that interpolating a sinusoidal wave through Redbook bit-depth reproduces an analog signal perfectly. You can't argue math.   Analog also has higher distortion, way worse snr, and consequently worse dynamic range.   Also, the...
  Sorry, bad troll blanket statement. I personally don't understand the logic behind supporting an inferior format, especially for the cost. But, some people enjoy the novelty, operating procedure, already have records, and so on. If quality sound reproduction is your goal, digital has the advantage.
This thread kills me. >Amps having sound signatures. >Buying vinyl and turntables, ever.   For an apartment, I'd recommend full-range options like Frugel-Horns or even OB; though, largely depends on the type of music being listened to.    
  But Patek wanted women's bots. Please let me know if you stock Fembots, as I will be calling then, too.
  Ditto this for Nike swag.     You forgot the broest of bro-bars; Blitz.     I gotta call out the following shops: Manifesto, and the (3) in a row (Tanner, ....).   Walked in every one of these stores and didn't get so much as a look in my direction. No "Hello!", "Can I help you?", nothing. In one store, the employee didn't even look up from their computer they were seated at. Fucking ridiculous for smaller boutiques to treat people like that. It made me uncomfortable to...
  These look really nice. Thanks for sharing.       Agreed. A great experience for my purchase as well.
New Posts  All Forums: