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  >very dumb forum >over 5k posts >Constanzaface.jpg
  I really am not following what the fuck you're talking about. Meermin doesn't offer a Johdpur. Meermin doesn't offer a double-monk boot. At least, neither of them on their site. These are both designs catering to your whim, am I wrong?
  My Leeds were crazy matte. I used Kiwi to shine 'em up:     Similarly, I used Kiwi to shine up my Wovlerine 721's (#8 Shell, made/finished by AE):
  So you're not paying anything extra asking for a pattern/style not currently offered?
I'm really disappointed AE is discontinuing the 5th street, as it is their only formal boot offering, and the best looking.   Wonder if they plan on replacing it with another balmoral boot?
  I drive a Chevy Cruze and ride a Buell M2.
  Nah, you're right in that it's still a useful indicator of quality, generally. Though, if a product has proven itself, then where it's made becomes less relevant is all. Also, for me, U.S.-made with U.S.-sourced materials is always my priority, so beyond that, everything non-U.S. is fair game for me, lol.       Between this and your jodhpur... These are created on existing lasts, correct? So just bespoke patterns for you? How much of a premium is this costing you,...
  That has not been my experience. That is also a ridiculous amount of stretch to expect.
  Lol, indeed.   Products should be judged on their own merits, and not the origin label. China manufacturing has come a long way in the last 10-20 years.
  Uncle, thanks!     I used Alden Defender on them last night per your strong endorsement. Just got back from a rainy lunch; there's still a few welts, nothing some brushing can't handle, but definitely less welting than I've experienced pre-Defender. The Defender also had no visible effect, so far as I could tell. Thanks!
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