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This thread kills me. >Amps having sound signatures. >Buying vinyl and turntables, ever.   For an apartment, I'd recommend full-range options like Frugel-Horns or even OB; though, largely depends on the type of music being listened to.    
  But Patek wanted women's bots. Please let me know if you stock Fembots, as I will be calling then, too.
  Ditto this for Nike swag.     You forgot the broest of bro-bars; Blitz.     I gotta call out the following shops: Manifesto, and the (3) in a row (Tanner, ....).   Walked in every one of these stores and didn't get so much as a look in my direction. No "Hello!", "Can I help you?", nothing. In one store, the employee didn't even look up from their computer they were seated at. Fucking ridiculous for smaller boutiques to treat people like that. It made me uncomfortable to...
  These look really nice. Thanks for sharing.       Agreed. A great experience for my purchase as well.
  Oven thermometers are wildly inaccurate, which can make oven-baking a risky proposition lol.
Lots of residual surface wax makes me think the boots weren't heated enough, as the leather will drink up everything you slather on, for the most part.   Again, still have yet to read anyone using the oven like I did; it works, and it's recommended on the SnoSeal instructions. I would throw them in the oven and see if they drink up the remaining surface wax.   Otherwise, just keep brushing until the surface is no longer sticky.
Hrumph. Anyone stock a Semi-Dress in Dress Brown with all eyelets?
Dang. Is it wrong I actually think that looks good?
Reposting this from another member's post in the "Recent Purchases Thread":       Barely ever see pictures of Austens, or Rockfords for that matter.   That natural Predator leather lookin' real good, patina-ing up nicely.   I love the looks of Austens or Stocktons (Engineer) for riding, but I think I'm going White's at that price point.
  Wooooow those look good. It's hard finding any pictures of the Austens. Jelly.
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