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Lousy cell-phone shots:  
My Dad has a cherry 75/6 he bought new, so those are a little blasphemous to me .   The one with the Gulf paint scheme is pretty awesome looking.
  Ditto this. Really need to see a pair of 9030's in action.
  These are really nice, and a nice break from the ubiquitous LHS and LWB. The rolls and simplicity are beautiful. Good showing of Shell.
  Is there a synopsis somewhere of all the leather options?   Bull vs. Water Buffalo vs. ...   So many options...
I've never seen that Scrambler before; incredible! The sound clips on youtube are amazing, too.
  Wax them.   My AE Shell Leeds were very matte finish, but polished up with some Kiwi:       I also have a mini-tutorial on my tumblr (sig link).   Aldens are finished nice and glossy from the factory.
  Wow, those look awesome. Great slacks/socks/shoe combo, too.
It's 35% off a limited edition boot. Ya, it's a good deal. You could recoup most, if not all, your money reselling if ended up not liking it. My 721's are my go-to boot for most occasions, and I have more boots than I know what to do with.
  If there's no defects - if they're "firsts" - and you like the styling, why not?
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