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Agreed - love natty CXL.   Can't decide if I like the OakStreet boots or these White's better:  
  A fair point.     Just get the laces at the top really loose, grab the loops or the sides of the shaft and slide 'er on. Shoe trees jam in there just like any boot.
  The same could be said for:   - Any Webgem - Any of the colorful "rough" Dublin leathers (Neumok, Cronmock, et al.) - Any pairing with colorful laces   Admittedly, I tried doing the color-laces thing and reverted back.   AE is really targeting the younger demo's with these lines.   Proper leather tones with proper laces will look better for 99% of people and 99% of outfits IMO.   The fad is lasting too long.
    These are so good: http://www.afinepairofshoes.com/collections/alfred-sargent-exclusive-collection-price-asc/products/alfred-sargent-exclusive-radwell
  I get mine from the grocery store and haven't had any issues. Sorry to hear about your bad luck.
Anyway, just sharing my experience as it's a forum/community after all. At the end of the day, I still like the Aldens I own :)    
The box and bags are just part of the problem. I can't believe they came back that dirty a. And, the bare metal now exposed on the speed hooks is slightly annoying. Just overall a very poor experience. Again, this is on a brand new pair of boots that I then had to wait over a month to have repaired after a handful of wears, and they get sent back as if they were TSM seconds. I would have expected better at this price point. Inexcusable IMO. When I have the time I will...
I'm not sure how reinforced Wolverine's are in the toe, but I hit my Red Wings repeatedly with a hammer until my arm was tired and the toe always just sprung back.
You can get Cone Mills Selvedge @Bonobos for $78 on sale now.
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