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  I drive a Chevy Cruze and ride a Buell M2.
  Nah, you're right in that it's still a useful indicator of quality, generally. Though, if a product has proven itself, then where it's made becomes less relevant is all. Also, for me, U.S.-made with U.S.-sourced materials is always my priority, so beyond that, everything non-U.S. is fair game for me, lol.       Between this and your jodhpur... These are created on existing lasts, correct? So just bespoke patterns for you? How much of a premium is this costing you,...
  That has not been my experience. That is also a ridiculous amount of stretch to expect.
  Lol, indeed.   Products should be judged on their own merits, and not the origin label. China manufacturing has come a long way in the last 10-20 years.
  Uncle, thanks!     I used Alden Defender on them last night per your strong endorsement. Just got back from a rainy lunch; there's still a few welts, nothing some brushing can't handle, but definitely less welting than I've experienced pre-Defender. The Defender also had no visible effect, so far as I could tell. Thanks!
Lousy cell-phone shots:  
My Dad has a cherry 75/6 he bought new, so those are a little blasphemous to me .   The one with the Gulf paint scheme is pretty awesome looking.
  Ditto this. Really need to see a pair of 9030's in action.
  These are really nice, and a nice break from the ubiquitous LHS and LWB. The rolls and simplicity are beautiful. Good showing of Shell.
  Is there a synopsis somewhere of all the leather options?   Bull vs. Water Buffalo vs. ...   So many options...
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