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The box and bags are just part of the problem. I can't believe they came back that dirty a. And, the bare metal now exposed on the speed hooks is slightly annoying. Just overall a very poor experience. Again, this is on a brand new pair of boots that I then had to wait over a month to have repaired after a handful of wears, and they get sent back as if they were TSM seconds. I would have expected better at this price point. Inexcusable IMO. When I have the time I will...
I'm not sure how reinforced Wolverine's are in the toe, but I hit my Red Wings repeatedly with a hammer until my arm was tired and the toe always just sprung back.
You can get Cone Mills Selvedge @Bonobos for $78 on sale now.
  Noted. Thanks for the information. Explains why I was able to shine SnoSeal and Christian is struggling to with HDLP.   I don't think either are really needed on Shell, but that didn't stop me, lol.
  Get out of this thread.         They're both beeswaxed-based products for weather-proofing.
Just wanted to give some feedback on my MTO experience...   I inquired through the main site about MTO options and was sent the MTO pdf by Pepe. I picked out a design and Pepe was very prompt in answering questions and handling the ordering process. I paid half, up front, as per standard procedure. Throughout the weeks and months, Pepe replied whenever I had an inquiry on progress. Finally, I was notified my pair was complete, and I was invoiced for the balance. Pepe...
I had no problems getting lots of gloss out of my #8 boots, treated with SnoSeal (used ala Crane's method, similar to Obenauf's):       I still hold that most people over-think it when it comes to shoe care; it's pretty hard to mess up leather in my experience.
  The Crane's Method of SnoSeal-ing: http://www.styleforum.net/t/163864/wolverine-1000-mile-boot-review/100_100#post_3732089   I use the oven to bake on lowest setting (150-170 F) for 8-10 minutes to warm the leather, as opposed to using a hair-dryer like above.   Follow-Up with occasional boot-oil or leather conditioner of your choice. Some examples:   - Filson Boot Oil - Montana Pitch Blend - Venetian Shoe Cream - Neatsfoot Oil - Obenauf's - Lexol     This info really...
  Wearing all American today.
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