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 I can't remember where; he's all over sufu, denimbro, instagram, et al. It was spendy, but I love these boots, so why not? They were getting due-ish for a resole, so I decided I wanted something that looked more White's-esque. It was funny that he resoled someone else's 721's with a single midsole like a week before me :)
Had my 721's resoled by Brian the Bootmaker:      
McClean appears to have the butyl sole which should wear better.
 Oh man, I've been trying to talk my Dad in to one of these for a year now, but I think he's getting away from riding in his old (and injured) age. I haven't ever read or heard anything bad about the Diavel.
Hey bluecollar, bike looks great!   Is there a small battery under the tail? You still need a battery for accessories on a kick-start, right?   Are the tail and tank a midnight blue? The colourscheme of the whole thing is tits.
ROY SE-DUCK $155 shipped/paypal Size: 36 x 29 (thighs 13.5")   They don't fit me, as much as I want them to (too big in waist).   Link to description
For all the Triumph and Ducati riders: https://www.contextclothing.com/brands/bell/ss14-bullitt-helmet-matte-black
Came across these; they look pretty good:   http://townmoto.com/casual-lifestyle/pants/uglybros-motorpool-grey http://townmoto.com/casual-lifestyle/pants/ugly-bros-echo-k-denim
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