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- austerity brogue YES - nine eyelet YES - balmoral boot YES - Olfe YES - rubber or dbl leather YES to either - lighter shell colour preferred - light brown/tan calf or suede ok, too YES Basically every shoe/boot I own is dark brown or #8, so really looking for something lighter, but also dressier. Can we pull the trigger?
  LOL. I know that feel bro.
  Always easier to start light, obviously. You can use a variety of harmful-to-leather chemicals to remove existing color. I've used bleach before. I think any sort of less harmful way will take much more time and elbow grease (Renomat, et al.).   Most cobblers can re-dye shoes or boots for you, no problem; or you can purchase the dyes and DIY.   What tone are you trying to achieve?   I personally would not mess with CXL. And if you were going to, start with natural...
  Those look like a good value; nice write-up. I assume the shifter pad on the right toe is just to have matching aesthetics?
  I noticed it as well. *sigh* Oh well.
  Those look so awesome. Those nicks will brush out in 10 seconds, guaranteed.
Consumers vote with their dollars.   Judging by the full gamut of Crayola colors showing up in pics over the past several months of posting, I'd say the people have spoken.   AE would be foolish to turn away this money, and catering to this market is good for everyone since it helps the company thrive and maintain classic offerings instead of outsourcing or folding altogether.   AE has always represented a good value of US-made footwear with good materials...
I always get confused about these "family photos" when people have the money to afford all the shoes pictured, but not $12 shoe-trees for every pair.
    I've gone through plenty of Wolverines, Aldens and Red Wings boots. No more f'in' around. Next shoe purchase will be some White's SD's, dammit.
  744's fit exactly the same as Classic 1K's.
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