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  Nike's are weird man. I wear a 10.5 in Nike but a 9 in Wolverine's.
    Those are amazing man. Well done.         I just picked up some Ron Rider's in Mohawk reverse-calf. Any idea at all how to care for these things? Anyone?
  I sold all my Red Wings because I could not get over the Ronald McDonald bulbous toe shape on all Red Wings.
Here are my Wolverine CXL's...   Deep scuff:       Literally 30 seconds of brushing and nothing else:       A brush is all you should need on CXL most days.
Ordered some shoulder-pads from Filson for my Rucksack. The straps are my biggest complaint. They are uncomfortable and slide off my shoulders. The pads help, and I really like what they add to the look:       The only other thing I would like to make this Rucksack perfect would be swapping out the securing belt-buckles on the front with push-buckles. I looked at doing this, but the leather strap around the buckle is riveted on, not a Chicago-screw, so pretty...
  That wait is brutal, but they look awesome.     I do love the functionality of speed-hooks, just feel the 2-speedhook look is awkward. Thanks for feedback.
Man, semi-dress with all eyelets looks so good. I'm a big proponent of speed-hooks, but I think eyelets would be a non-issue with the standard shaft-height semi-dress, and look so much better than only (2) speedhooks at top, which I find aesthetically unbalanced and offputting.
  They're available at Epaulet's shop: http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/footwear/products/carnegie-austerity-brogue-caramel-calfskin   The Carmina Rain last is perfect, and the austerity and color in this makeup compliment it beautifully.   I just struggle justifying $545 for calfskin shoes on my budget. I'm sure they're worth it, though.   I'm thinking I could accomplish nearly the same look from Meermin for around half the price...   If terrorsquad doesn't get a...
  I so badly want this Carmina shoe, but am not fond of the price:   Hmmm... may have to look at a Meermin MTO in Tan Scapa or Light Brown... temptations.
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