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Coming up on 1 year of wear.               Getting real close to needing a resole as the sole is starting to get soft. Wish there was an online cobbler that would do a Commando for less than a bill...
  LOL, I know that feeling... Great boots btw!
  LOL. Thanks for the PSA. I almost want to try this now just to witness it. 
  Interesting. Appreciate the reply.      
  What's are the ones in the middle?!  Looks like the 0-last, maybe? It's great, whatever it is.       Thanks for posting a "real life" pic; I've been wating to see one. Those look great. Would love to see how they look under pants.
So I have been lusting over the Hannover boots lately... and serendipitously they turned up on Gilt.com. Sure, they were only $50 cheaper than they would be from Richard, but it'll be cheaper to return should they not fit... and also I took it as a sign/excuse to buy them. My girlfriend says I need more boots or suits like I need a hole in the head.    PSA: They also have the Lombard up there currently, too.
  x2 Richard was great.   I love my AS's.
  Nice comparison. The Clifton is indeed much more elegant looking, both in last shape and the smaller brouging. The front of the Townley looks like the Wolverine 744LTD.     LOL. Agreed.
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