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Did anyone that is a true "D" width have any luck with the New Rey last?
  Deja vu. Pretty sure we've been down this path before. Good point, you right; I know those architect/design/marketing firm feels.
  I am presuming you have quite the collection of staple shoes to be looking at funkier alternatives for variety's sake. I think most people would be better served purchasing staple shoes that would serve them a lifetime, than a limited role fashion shoe that is going to go out of vogue in several years, but I digress.   Its just a matter of taste, plain and simple.   You can be different in a more conservative way (Epaulet's Carmina MTO's):     Or you can look at...
  So true.     Well, I agree with 2 outta 3   Both your Leeds look great - you take good care of your shoes and it shows.    
  How? It was $995 or something for half the models, and $1500 for the others with the padding. This was cowhide and before options, too. I got the pricer a week ago.
How many variations of Wing Tips does one need?
   Thanks for the info. Guess I got mine just in time.   Still been meaning to pick up a pair of Carmina's anyway 
  Shoe Healer does.
I'm trying to save up for a Langlitz jacket this Spring, given that they're reputable and local; though, I'm not even sure it's worth it for me at $1,500...
  This has me worried. I have about the same frequency and duration of wear, but mine look fine, for now at least. It's always wet/rainy here and 90% of my shoes have leather soles. I have overshoes, but they would get destroyed riding my motorcycle. Wonder how soon I'll need some resoles.
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