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Without fully understand what each would look like, this was my initial thought as well; don't conflate aesthetics.
Does anyone have experience with any local cobblers?
Thanks! I used Saphir Renovateur, which gave them a nice overall satin sheen with lots of brushing. Then, I used Kiwi Neutral on the toe, applied generously, melted it down with a lighter, then brushed and buffed.
Coming up on 1 year of wear.               Getting real close to needing a resole as the sole is starting to get soft. Wish there was an online cobbler that would do a Commando for less than a bill...
  LOL, I know that feeling... Great boots btw!
  LOL. Thanks for the PSA. I almost want to try this now just to witness it. 
  Interesting. Appreciate the reply.      
  What's are the ones in the middle?!  Looks like the 0-last, maybe? It's great, whatever it is.       Thanks for posting a "real life" pic; I've been wating to see one. Those look great. Would love to see how they look under pants.
So I have been lusting over the Hannover boots lately... and serendipitously they turned up on Gilt.com. Sure, they were only $50 cheaper than they would be from Richard, but it'll be cheaper to return should they not fit... and also I took it as a sign/excuse to buy them. My girlfriend says I need more boots or suits like I need a hole in the head.    PSA: They also have the Lombard up there currently, too.
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