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If you brush it, it will go away. CXL is a beautiful thing.
The Chromexcel on these looks beautiful.
During my recent travel with my Rucksack, I noticed one of the little flaps that the straps attach to is half ripped-out at the seam; a little disappointing in a $265 backpack after 1 year of light use. My LL Bean rucksack is over 10 years old and I've loaded it up with +80 pounds on multiple occasions, with nary a loose thread. Anyway, time to try out the Filson guarantee and see what the premium I'm paying for a Filson product gets me.   I went to the Filson store...
Ozzy, any updates on the austerity balmoral boot? 
Found original listing for these here:   I got 'em off ebay; same exact pair.   I like 'em, but looking to unload shoes for $. Awesome value. The pebble-grain takes a shine nicely. Sole has plenty of life left. Last is beautiful shape (typical Carmina).
These boots are £266 ex VAT, new, which translates to $415 @today's exchange rate.   I really love these boots; the quality, details, construction, and aesthetics are just awesome. Quality is better than my Aldens, but that's to be expected from a Northampton shoe maker.   But, I really never wear black shoes or boots at all. I knew that when buying them, but they were so great looking I had to have them. I have some unanticipated medical bills (damn deductible)...
  You're as bad as me with getting matchy-matchy. Where's the shirt from?
Adding fuel to the fire...       Never used it myself, so no idea what to think.
Is that CXL? Those looks awesome.
  Lexol has no effect on appearance, other than when combined with ample brushing will restore a clean sheen to your shoes.   Also agree with your comment regarding wax; letting the shell do the work, not products, is best IMO.     I would prefer more extrapolation of the science behind why lexol would be bad, or at least empirical evidence, of which neither were provided; kinda hard for me to swallow given their attachment to venitian creme.
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