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  You're as bad as me with getting matchy-matchy. Where's the shirt from?
Adding fuel to the fire...   http://imgur.com/a/EC8gN       Never used it myself, so no idea what to think.
Is that CXL? Those looks awesome.
  Lexol has no effect on appearance, other than when combined with ample brushing will restore a clean sheen to your shoes.   Also agree with your comment regarding wax; letting the shell do the work, not products, is best IMO.     I would prefer more extrapolation of the science behind why lexol would be bad, or at least empirical evidence, of which neither were provided; kinda hard for me to swallow given their attachment to venitian creme.
Is it just me, or does pebble-grain leather take a shine damn well?
  I have and still call bullshit on this. Nick gave absolutely no substantiation on to why Lexol would be bad, and it was just a passing remark. Also, DFWII is an advocate, from what I remember searching this exhaustively in the past, and dude seems highly knowledgeable.   I use Lexol on all my shell without issue. Some people also are against wax on shell, or advise sparingly. I use that, too. Maybe I'm just coo-coo. I also sno-sealed shell, and there's not really any...
  I'm apprehensive about plunking down TOJ money because of quality ambiguity from an internet-startup, and that they are more a fashion brand than a dedicated motorcycle jacket company.   Everyone says it's top notch, but do they know what they're looking at/for,    Are the seams going to rip apart in a slide? Have the jackets held up for decades like the other makes? Do the sleeves move appropriately for riding position? Will they be around for another decade or two if...
Oops, I see that I said I used Neutral and then said I used Brown. To clarify, when they were new I used brown, and the color pretty much stayed on the toe. Then recently I used Neutral.   Thanks for compliments :D   Honestly, as Crane has mentioned, just giving them a really good brushing makes them look great - CXL loves being brushed as much as shell, and moreso than typical calf shoes in my experience.
Wow, that looks incredible man. Well done.   I am agonizing over what jacket I want and what features. Armor? Lots of venting?   $1k Langlitz in cowhide? Lost Worlds or Aero in horsehide? $500 Fox Creek new? Used Vanson or Schott for $200-300? TOJ horsehide for $850?   I like horsehide for the weatherproofing, but I've read so much on the horsehide vs. steer/cowhide, and it seems to come down to leather source and selection more than type. And you can always...
  I wish I knew. All the local cobblers have hit-or-miss reviews on yelp, and everything online for mail-ins is spendy. =/       Rain won't harm leather.     They are rust. I guess the shade was throwing off my wb as they appear more #8 CXL toned. The bottom, top-view pic is pretty accurate in color. The Saphir darkened them up, and then I used Brown Kiwi on the toe.
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