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  Also, less of a premium and more willingness for individual MTO's than Carmina or AE... or really any brand for that matter.
Thumper AFD.  
  Thanks for the update. Phew, that's a long time, but I like knowing at least.     x2 to both.   Edit: I got my shipping notification! 
Is it wrong that I'm toying with trying to low-speed wheelie?   I have no interest in doing highway wheelies and stunts, but I want to be comfortable with being in control of the bike should the front tire lift under accel, especially if I get a quicker bike down the line.
  I would prefer the option for armor, but am open to jackets without.   Ya, it's funny to me that the "Fedora Lounge" is actually the best place to check out leather jackets, workwear boots, et al.
      I didn't even get trees or nothin'. But, I've waited this long that it's no big deal at this point.
  Just the nature of the beast [pun] I'm afraid; can't do much about hide marks as far as I'm aware. You could throw some Alden #8 paste over the whole shoe and it'd darken it up and even out the blemish. Otherwise, just leave it - I doubt it's even slightly visible from normal distances. Good looking pair of shoes 
Interesting note: the Levi's STF I measured at the mall were actual tape-measure waist (pre-soak mined you!), not vanity, which is no wonder why I could never fit into them as Levi's is typically the worst-offender with vanity sizing.
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