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      I didn't even get trees or nothin'. But, I've waited this long that it's no big deal at this point.
  Just the nature of the beast [pun] I'm afraid; can't do much about hide marks as far as I'm aware. You could throw some Alden #8 paste over the whole shoe and it'd darken it up and even out the blemish. Otherwise, just leave it - I doubt it's even slightly visible from normal distances. Good looking pair of shoes 
Interesting note: the Levi's STF I measured at the mall were actual tape-measure waist (pre-soak mined you!), not vanity, which is no wonder why I could never fit into them as Levi's is typically the worst-offender with vanity sizing.
If you brush it, it will go away. CXL is a beautiful thing.
The Chromexcel on these looks beautiful.
During my recent travel with my Rucksack, I noticed one of the little flaps that the straps attach to is half ripped-out at the seam; a little disappointing in a $265 backpack after 1 year of light use. My LL Bean rucksack is over 10 years old and I've loaded it up with +80 pounds on multiple occasions, with nary a loose thread. Anyway, time to try out the Filson guarantee and see what the premium I'm paying for a Filson product gets me.   I went to the Filson store...
Ozzy, any updates on the austerity balmoral boot? 
Found original listing for these here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/337307/carmina-pebble-grain-monk-strap-shoes-size-us-10/0_100   I got 'em off ebay; same exact pair.   I like 'em, but looking to unload shoes for $. Awesome value. The pebble-grain takes a shine nicely. Sole has plenty of life left. Last is beautiful shape (typical Carmina).
These boots are £266 ex VAT, new, which translates to $415 @today's exchange rate.   I really love these boots; the quality, details, construction, and aesthetics are just awesome. Quality is better than my Aldens, but that's to be expected from a Northampton shoe maker.   But, I really never wear black shoes or boots at all. I knew that when buying them, but they were so great looking I had to have them. I have some unanticipated medical bills (damn deductible)...
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