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Those look great man.   I will definitely be swapping flat laces for round, though.   Were we able to come up with a preferred care method for the museum calf?
Had my first accident today - real slow speed lowside. A cager was cutting me off in a round-about and I swerved towards the curb and slid on the gravel dirt near the curb. Turned out OK. Picked the bike up and rode home with a bent toe-shifter. My hand hurts like hell, but I'll get over it. Shit happens, I guess; my fault for not being more defensive around cagers.
  You are correct sir. You know your bikes. I had to google image something quickly at work. Here's the proper thumper:       I would love to try one.
  Also, less of a premium and more willingness for individual MTO's than Carmina or AE... or really any brand for that matter.
Thumper AFD.  
  Thanks for the update. Phew, that's a long time, but I like knowing at least.     x2 to both.   Edit: I got my shipping notification! 
Is it wrong that I'm toying with trying to low-speed wheelie?   I have no interest in doing highway wheelies and stunts, but I want to be comfortable with being in control of the bike should the front tire lift under accel, especially if I get a quicker bike down the line.
  I would prefer the option for armor, but am open to jackets without.   Ya, it's funny to me that the "Fedora Lounge" is actually the best place to check out leather jackets, workwear boots, et al.
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