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I believe I've said it before, but for a $3k starter bike, I'm not sure why anyone would choose a Ninja or similar 250-500 twin over a Buell, other than for residual. I learned and have been riding my Buell a year now.  You can usually find them for $3k-3.5k all day long on craigslist. They handles and stop great, and a torquey V-twin is easy as hell to learn on and makes a great dd ride. And, unlike a Ninja, it will actually get the hell out of its own way when you want...
  Thanks man.      Thanks!
Those look great man.   I will definitely be swapping flat laces for round, though.   Were we able to come up with a preferred care method for the museum calf?
Had my first accident today - real slow speed lowside. A cager was cutting me off in a round-about and I swerved towards the curb and slid on the gravel dirt near the curb. Turned out OK. Picked the bike up and rode home with a bent toe-shifter. My hand hurts like hell, but I'll get over it. Shit happens, I guess; my fault for not being more defensive around cagers.
  You are correct sir. You know your bikes. I had to google image something quickly at work. Here's the proper thumper:       I would love to try one.
  Also, less of a premium and more willingness for individual MTO's than Carmina or AE... or really any brand for that matter.
Thumper AFD.  
  Thanks for the update. Phew, that's a long time, but I like knowing at least.     x2 to both.   Edit: I got my shipping notification! 
Is it wrong that I'm toying with trying to low-speed wheelie?   I have no interest in doing highway wheelies and stunts, but I want to be comfortable with being in control of the bike should the front tire lift under accel, especially if I get a quicker bike down the line.
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