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  UPDATE: I emailed Filson today asking if there were any updates, as I had not heard and took my rucksack to the Portland store over a week ago. I got a call same-day, telling me it will be covered under warranty @no-cost, and should be completed by the end of the week.   Great customer service! So far, all the American companies I've dealt with eventually came through with great service.
For those keeping score, my UPS note says I owe $41. Bummer.
Awesome Victory. Made in USA!
I wasn't home, so UPS didn't leave my package    These pictures are killing me. I should know better by now to have things shipped to work. Dying to caress mine .
  I reco'ed this so I will defend it.   Firstly, I learned on this bike and had absolutely no issues endangering myself due to the power delivery because:   1. The powerband is extremely linear and predictable. I have the M2, which has Sportster cams and is tuned for mid-range torque. It revs like a lug, unlike a japanese 4cylinder, so it's hard to rev too high when easing out the clutch from stops. 2. I can go wide-open in 2nd and it won't lift the front. The bike is...
I believe I've said it before, but for a $3k starter bike, I'm not sure why anyone would choose a Ninja or similar 250-500 twin over a Buell, other than for residual. I learned and have been riding my Buell a year now.  You can usually find them for $3k-3.5k all day long on craigslist. They handles and stop great, and a torquey V-twin is easy as hell to learn on and makes a great dd ride. And, unlike a Ninja, it will actually get the hell out of its own way when you want...
  Thanks man.      Thanks!
Those look great man.   I will definitely be swapping flat laces for round, though.   Were we able to come up with a preferred care method for the museum calf?
Had my first accident today - real slow speed lowside. A cager was cutting me off in a round-about and I swerved towards the curb and slid on the gravel dirt near the curb. Turned out OK. Picked the bike up and rode home with a bent toe-shifter. My hand hurts like hell, but I'll get over it. Shit happens, I guess; my fault for not being more defensive around cagers.
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