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  That's all I use.   Never understood the point of a tinted wax; you don't wax your car with color-matched wax.
  Sold-out like a mf!
Olfe fits pretty TTS and standard width (E UK, D US) IMO; maybe a touch long and narrow. 9 UK seems to be longer than 9.5 US in my experience.
  I think you're going to have to repeat this (4) more times before a decision is reached.    Both sound like great options. I personally think the Vale would be amazing in plum calf, though I'm not sure I'm committed in this MTO.
I picked up this Bell Star for $300:       http://www.motorcyclecloseouts.com/hot+deals/street+helmets+40-70+percent+off/bell_star+livin+large+helmet   It was too tight for my wire glasses, by now it's not bad getting them in there going through the face shield opening.   Also had to get a Bell for the photochromic transition shield which works great, as I don't have prescription sunglasses.
Standard Merm brouging on the toe still might be a nice touch. Not super keen on calf plain-toes; been there, done that, wrote the movie, sold the rights. Dah well. Opinions...
I would love to see something like this in plum museum:     Esp with the ram-horn brouging.
  To be honest, I don't even understand the hatchgrain thing, which is why I haven't been on board with this MTO.   Definitely down for a chiseled last, though Ben seems adequate.
  Mine smell chemical leathery.
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