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Work is getting in the way of my interneting; I'll update in a bit.
Try a Fox Creek Leather. Good quality, affordable, and made in USA.
Oh man, those are lookin' good beat up; I got a long way to go.
I have that on mine, though it's not a loose thread, just the end of the thread, and all the stitching is intact with no signs of falling apart.
Jeeze, these production issues are awful, and way too frequent. "You get what you pay for" is starting to become realized, once again.   In other news, going on 5-weeks now for the Austerity Boot MTO. Hopefully we start getting some glimpses soon 
  That's all I use.   Never understood the point of a tinted wax; you don't wax your car with color-matched wax.
  Sold-out like a mf!
Olfe fits pretty TTS and standard width (E UK, D US) IMO; maybe a touch long and narrow. 9 UK seems to be longer than 9.5 US in my experience.
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