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   That stitching being off on the heel wouldn't really bother me at all, but if they fit poorly then that's a no-go. You can either try to resell them and take your losses, or try thicker socks or an insert or heel cup. Red Wings don't seem to have nearly the amount of QC issues with construction, and certainly not with the SB Foot leather vs. Chromexcel. I did really enjoy the SB Foot leather, just not the overall aesthetic or fit/comfort of the Red Wings. If you like...
Wolverines may be inferior to Red Wings from a construction standpoint, but Wolverines certainly look a hell of a lot better, and this is a style forum after all. I felt like Ronald McDonald wearing my black-cherry Beckman's.   I'm pretty fucking confident that Wolverine's will be up to the task of handling all the carpet in the office and those degenerative sticky whiskey-bar floors on the weekends for most wearers.   The kicker is in the versatility of a ~$250 boot...
 That broken twill camo is just absurdly awesome. I'm not a kamigata man myself, so any plans to offer this material in another form?
Everything on this page, plus the 721 and 744's I'm confident are all the exact same last: http://www.wolverine.com/US/en/1000MileCollection
If there's a market for it, I can't imagine Shoei and Bell being more than a year or two behind rolling out this sort of tech. It'd save me from having to buy a bar-mount phone holder for directions.
Man, Epaulet is awesome.   Henley midnight overdye The material is pretty thin, which I like since I'm always really warm.       Loopwheel in green Maybe I'm imagining it, but loopwheeled and barrel loom tees always seem to drape so nice.       For ref I'm 5'8" and 13.5 stone and both shirts are in Large.
 Jesus Christ...  In other news... man, $35 for a loopwheeled tee? Insanity. Had to pick one up. Any ideas if this is limited run/stock?
Don't know whose they are, but someone had some Addisons resoled by Brian the Bootmaker and they look cool.   Not sure how kosher hot-linking from his host is, so I won't, but it's fairly easy to find his latest work in any BtB thread, his instagram, or google. 
 I can't remember where; he's all over sufu, denimbro, instagram, et al. It was spendy, but I love these boots, so why not? They were getting due-ish for a resole, so I decided I wanted something that looked more White's-esque. It was funny that he resoled someone else's 721's with a single midsole like a week before me :)
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