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  My buddy dislikes lug-y soles and did not like the Hannover. I took this pic to show him how unobtrusive it really is.   
  The midwest.  
  http://www.dutycalculator.com/new-import-duty-and-tax-calculation/saved_calculations/view_details/185371954/   I just put in random numbers and got ~$30, which is relatively to the $42 I paid.   No idea how the hell you had +$100. I don't even think they can charge up to 38% on anything?!   Sucks so bad man.
Looks good!
  Can you walk in one of your shops and work through a Whites order, or is it online only? Would you have Whites to try-on in-store?
  Those jeans aren't nearly tight enough to portray real hipsters.
Lol, Diavel is nearly 2x the price of a Monster.
I keep trying to talk my Dad into a Diavel, but he keeps wanting to cheap out and just get a Monster. Kills me.
  I'm good with it.     I'm eager to get home from my business trip to see if my museum-calf shoes have the "issue".
Naw man, this pen is what you need :     Meermin thread or #PhotoshopGeneral? 
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