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My favorite listing on the recent seconds list, by far, are these guys (Modified):  
  Agreed. I like the Alden green/gold, but Wolverines are the sturdiest plus grab-hole, and I use shoe boxes as my furniture lol.
  I confirmed mine do this, too. Just for the record.
I got this in my inbox:   Meermin Order #3121 Status Changed    Meermin informs you that your order has been updated. Please check it at your Personal Area at out Website.  Click here to check your Personal Area   Thank you very much for your confidence.     Tried to register. Said email was already in system. Clicked forgot password. Get an email that has a blank for password. Can't login like that. *shrug* Lol.   I'll just wait for my invoice...
  Naw, most of the raw-denim-jawz guys are even worse and cuff another 1" or so. I admit, I'm getting pretty tired of the cuff-look myself.
  Agreed. But that also means that's the only place chicks will be, like 21st's bars.
  My buddy dislikes lug-y soles and did not like the Hannover. I took this pic to show him how unobtrusive it really is.   
  The midwest.  
  http://www.dutycalculator.com/new-import-duty-and-tax-calculation/saved_calculations/view_details/185371954/   I just put in random numbers and got ~$30, which is relatively to the $42 I paid.   No idea how the hell you had +$100. I don't even think they can charge up to 38% on anything?!   Sucks so bad man.
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