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There is so much hotness going on in this thread; AS so under-appreciated.
 Dang. They nailed it with the Park last. Looks good, thanks for sharing.
Haha, I've seen those, but... does anyone actually use them? That's what I don't get, how do you guys not cramp up your hands? Is it because I have carny hands? I've yet to go on a ride longer than about 45 min because it just gets too annoyingly painful.  
My throttle hand cramps up after 30 minutes. What's the secret to long rides?
  Awesome, thanks guys. I didn't even think about the trial behind printing a true 1:1 file; good point.
After years of contemplating, I'm ready to commit to a pair of White's and need some friendly help, please :)   Does Kyle have a direct email, or should I just email the general "sales" email?   I trace my foot and then can scan and email it over for fitting? Is that the process.   Thanks!
 You often have a lot of great boot make-ups, but as soon as I read Barrie or Trubalance I lose interest. Any plans for Hampton, Plaza or Grant lasted Alden boot makeups?
 This is inspirational shit right here.
Somewhere around 2 years old... I abuse the hell out of these... taken just now.  
   That stitching being off on the heel wouldn't really bother me at all, but if they fit poorly then that's a no-go. You can either try to resell them and take your losses, or try thicker socks or an insert or heel cup. Red Wings don't seem to have nearly the amount of QC issues with construction, and certainly not with the SB Foot leather vs. Chromexcel. I did really enjoy the SB Foot leather, just not the overall aesthetic or fit/comfort of the Red Wings. If you like...
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