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 Embrace the veiny bull penis.
There is so much hotness going on in this thread; AS so under-appreciated.
 Dang. They nailed it with the Park last. Looks good, thanks for sharing.
Haha, I've seen those, but... does anyone actually use them? That's what I don't get, how do you guys not cramp up your hands? Is it because I have carny hands? I've yet to go on a ride longer than about 45 min because it just gets too annoyingly painful.  
My throttle hand cramps up after 30 minutes. What's the secret to long rides?
  Awesome, thanks guys. I didn't even think about the trial behind printing a true 1:1 file; good point.
After years of contemplating, I'm ready to commit to a pair of White's and need some friendly help, please :)   Does Kyle have a direct email, or should I just email the general "sales" email?   I trace my foot and then can scan and email it over for fitting? Is that the process.   Thanks!
 You often have a lot of great boot make-ups, but as soon as I read Barrie or Trubalance I lose interest. Any plans for Hampton, Plaza or Grant lasted Alden boot makeups?
 This is inspirational shit right here.
Somewhere around 2 years old... I abuse the hell out of these... taken just now.  
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