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 Dunno why you wouldn't of gone for the photochromic shield then.
 I'm really diggin' those Scramblers for the simplicity of it. Also, Mother of God.jpg, that dude in the vid... mustache, bow tie, haircut...  Get this when it's available: I run a photochromic shield on my Bell and it is great.
Official Wool Cardigan and Leather Sneakers Sales Thread 2015.   If I ever in my life see someone wearing a Stark with CP low's, I will punch them in the dick.
Heavy is right. And the /5 brakes suck.   Dang, that Duc tq curve ain't bad at all; movin' good by 3k.   I concede akatsuki has got it right on this for the BEST choice.
I was vehemently argued against in this thread that an old boxer BMW is way too much bike for a beginner, yet now we're recommending those and 80hp 600 ducati's with peak tq @8k RPM?   
 Can't wait to see your fit pic with this.
 Dang, Courtlands look a lot cooler than I thought.
I hated Grado SR80's. Firstly, they have way too aggressive mid-treble and are very "spitty"; it's their trademark sound that some actually enjoy. To me, they sound terrible. The ear pads are foam pieces of shit that are not comfortable at all. The overall build quality is shit, too. The connection points for the articulating pieces are very fragile in their design.   Senn's house sound is very mellow while 702's are very analytical.   If you like a more exaggerated...
 From a year ago in this thread; not sure if you caught them:  That's probably enough Hannover's on this page :)
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