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 On a $/utility basis, my Wolverines were my best buy. If 9 is tighter than you'd want, it is too tight. These do not loosen up 1/2 size like some people believe Chromexcel does. Boots are supposed to have room in the toe-box. If you feel that they're slightly too large, there are options available like thicker socks, a very thin insert, or a tongue pad (recommend in that order). Get the 9.5's. For reference, my Brannock is about a 9.75 D and the 9 in Wolverine's fits me...
Don't even know if Grado makes IEM's, but are known for their on-ear headphones. I had a pair of SR-80's and hated them. Terrible sound, terrible comfort, terrible construction. I used Etymotic HF's in the past with Comply tips and loved them... until I lost them in China somewhere; have been meaning to pick up another pair. They sounded great to me @$100, and I see no reason to spend $200 MORE for the ER-4's. I used them coming out of a Sansa Clip+ and on my, at the time,...
 Not likin' that exhaust-wrap brah  Otherwise, lookin' good    Good God. Impressive. It's been 40-50 and I'm not even willing to go wrench in the garage.
Lexol and brush 'em and call it good.
Alden Captoe Style No. 4065 Black Shell Cordovan  Size 9.5 D Double leather sole All eyelets Grant Last   Double leather sole has lots of life left.   This is an awesome Captoe make-up on the Grant last with all-eyelets.   "Bootmaker Edition" is The Shoe Mart's make-up.   http://www.theshoemart.com/alden-mens-cap-toe-boot-shell-cordovan-color-8/pvc-ald-mxsbd-4060_ald_m_cap_toe_boot_shell_cordovan.html
Vintage Hanover LB Sheppard Signature PTB's #8 Shell Cordovan  Size 10 D   Double leather sole and rubber heel are basically new. Tons of life left.   Lots of tonal variations; truly unique.
Vintage AE MacNeil Long-wings. Style No. 9147 #8 Shell Cordovan  Size 10 D   Double leather sole has lots of life left. Cat's Paw heel could stand to be replaced soon.   Never noticed before, but there's tearing at the heel on one of the shoes. Priced accordingly.   Lots of tonal variations; truly unique.
Everyone in China rides with Hippo Hands, and it ain't even that cold there. Also, the motorcycle cops out here have them.
Anymore pics?
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