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Please share with us what a tube does besides add harmonic distortion over a comparable solid-state design.
A watt is a watt, and tubes add distortion. Anything that measures flat 20-to-20 with low noise is good enough for me. Amps are the worst possible item to throw money at in the chain.
 I would take a Vanson jacket 10 outta 10 times over a Dainese. Held gloves over Dainese. SIDI boots over Dainese.
I don't understand what's so appealing about Dainese; so far as I can tell, most other brands offer better quality/construction/materials at a cheaper price.   Also, isn't ICON 1000 stuff all made in China?   A few dozen pages back I was asking for some gear rec's. Based on rec's here and my research, I like the following brands:   Jackets/Pants: Vanson, Fox Creek Leather Boots: Sidi, Gaerne Gloves: Furygan, Held Helmet: Shoei, Bell, Arai, Schuberth
Ooof. Chicagoland to Chicago and vice versa is a brutal commute.   Nice write-up.
 I'm guilty of wearing only helmet, gloves, jacket, and then regular jeans and w1k's or other casual boots, when riding to work. My commute is only a few miles, so I take my chances, though I wouldn't advise it. You can change at work if you want to get some proper bottom's. Keeping a pair of shoes at your desk will eliminate the need to carry them to work when you ride in proper motorcycle boots. One thing I was thinking about for riding to work was strap-on knee/shin...
Uh, so the price is up $20 now?
I'm pretty sure I've posted this before, but I got my Bell Star @MotorcycleCloseouts for $300.   http://www.motorcyclecloseouts.com/hot+deals/street+helmets+40-70+percent+off/bell_star+livin+large+helmet   I love it. The photochromic shield is a must for me as I wear eyeglasses and don't have prescription sunglasses.
 Lookin' good with that toe shine bruh! 
 I wouldn't expect Nick to know anymore about leather shoe care than I would expect Bill Ford, Jr. knows about how to service a Mustang; they're legacy management. Shit, according to this, Nick had aspirations to be a chef, not a tanner. Now who I do trust is someone that's been making and caring for shoes for decades... taken straight from the Shoe Care thread: 
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