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 LOL  The Daytona is such a damn fine bike as is.
 Speakers, environment, tuning equipment, in that order. The electrical signal chain is so inconsequential on audible (perceivable) sound, given "adequate" gear, compared to the execution of sound energy/pressure waves within your listening environment. Quote:Originally Posted by freshcutgrass My 300B's throw the most lovely 8 distorted watts at my ears.Keep in mind, it's the right kind of harmonic distortion (even order). Tubes sound "better" because their distortion...
Please share with us what a tube does besides add harmonic distortion over a comparable solid-state design.
A watt is a watt, and tubes add distortion. Anything that measures flat 20-to-20 with low noise is good enough for me. Amps are the worst possible item to throw money at in the chain.
 I would take a Vanson jacket 10 outta 10 times over a Dainese. Held gloves over Dainese. SIDI boots over Dainese.
I don't understand what's so appealing about Dainese; so far as I can tell, most other brands offer better quality/construction/materials at a cheaper price.   Also, isn't ICON 1000 stuff all made in China?   A few dozen pages back I was asking for some gear rec's. Based on rec's here and my research, I like the following brands:   Jackets/Pants: Vanson, Fox Creek Leather Boots: Sidi, Gaerne Gloves: Furygan, Held Helmet: Shoei, Bell, Arai, Schuberth
Ooof. Chicagoland to Chicago and vice versa is a brutal commute.   Nice write-up.
 I'm guilty of wearing only helmet, gloves, jacket, and then regular jeans and w1k's or other casual boots, when riding to work. My commute is only a few miles, so I take my chances, though I wouldn't advise it. You can change at work if you want to get some proper bottom's. Keeping a pair of shoes at your desk will eliminate the need to carry them to work when you ride in proper motorcycle boots. One thing I was thinking about for riding to work was strap-on knee/shin...
Uh, so the price is up $20 now?
I'm pretty sure I've posted this before, but I got my Bell Star @MotorcycleCloseouts for $300.   http://www.motorcyclecloseouts.com/hot+deals/street+helmets+40-70+percent+off/bell_star+livin+large+helmet   I love it. The photochromic shield is a must for me as I wear eyeglasses and don't have prescription sunglasses.
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