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 Where are you getting that information? It's at least 60% beeswax from what I can ascertain. There are countless people who have been using SnoSeal for decades on their gear, and put a lot of trust in it. Clearly, it's doing something right.  Jesus Christ, not this again. Here's what the oft-referenced DFWII had to say about VSC: "That said, I've used a lot of products over the years and even though Nick at Horween recommended Venetian Cream for cordovan, I was not overly...
 They didn't heat them enough, hence SnoSeal left unabsorbed on the surface. SnoSeal only made it easier to get a shine out of my boots.
It's not getting any hotter in there or with a hair dryer than it is sitting in the back of a semi-trailer during shipping, or if you ever leave them in your car on a hot day, or under the sun.   Is there a difference between beeswaxing CXL via snoseal versus beeswaxing CXL ala Predator leather?
 How much does this pic make your butt pucker?  My 721's, oven-baked with SnoSeal. Ill effects? I guess I'm still waiting for those to show up a year and a half later on both CXL W1k's and shell 721's.
Lol, I put mine in the oven per SnoSeal's instructions.
 For sure at retail pricing it's a no-brainer.   Damn, I've seen and enjoyed those MOTO's many times, but was convinced they weren't CXL for some reason. Maybe they're finished different, or maybe just because it's better clicked and lasted like you mention, or maybe because they've actually been worn hard, or all of the above. Natural shell cordovan on the other hand seems to always wear (default buzzword: "patina") amazing.
I've never had any inclination to buy boots for 2x, 3x, 4x as much $ as W1K's that use the same leather (CXL). They're all resoleable, US made (or at least with ethical labor/Canada for Viberg), and while quality/construction improves with $, functionally it's almost irrelevant in the semi-short term. There's no indication my W1K's are going to fall apart anytime soon for my purposes, so buying superior quality White's is about the same as buying a watch with a movement...
 Nice! Thanks for sharing. There are so few examples of worn Austens floating around. I've always wanted a pair, but need another pair of shoes/boots like I need a hole in the head, or so my gf would say. Yours look awesome.
Quick, someone find the post where the guy put ice cream on the boot and asked if it was normal.
Lookin' good! Great boots. Keep us updated with pics.
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