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 What size Modified do you take?
BMW designers need to learn restraint; way too much going on with that thing. Terrible looking. That rear section looks like it was inspired by a Transformer or something.
I need pics of my girl with my bike, but now it's cold :(
That sucks.   Try those Furygans and let me know how it goes 
 Ya, I just have to get you some good pics now!
 My boots were actually the Rust, once upon a time, but they've been SnoSealed and Lexoled and Kiwi Browned to death, so they definitely appear Cordovan Chromexcel. I used Kiwi Brown on them, but really Cordovan or Brown or Neutral are good.  Never tried so can't comment. I put these boots in the oven for 10 minutes to apply the SnoSeal, so a lighter is nothing, lol. I've also used the lighter on calfskin before. It's worth mentioning a fire-place lighter is easier, I just...
Pictures suck because I used my iPhone with just the house lights, but I was too lazy to do any better...   How to shine W1K's:   Dirty boots. "Before."   Step 1: Wipe down with damn rag. (Cut-up shirt here.)   Step 2: At this point I always wipe down with Lexol Conditioner.   Step 3: Brush. You can typically stop here.   Step 4 (Optional): I used Saphir Reno, just because I have it around. Applied with fingers.   Step 5: Brush. It's hard to tell...
That does look pretty good.   For me it depends what you're going to do to it.   If you're going to keep it mostly stock, the gray looks more sophisticated/mature. I like it.   If you're going to put an exhaust on it, or any other sort of conspicuous modifications, I think that'd ruin what the gray has going for it, and be better served on the black.   All IMO, of course.   I love white on cars/bikes, just not in this case.   I'd certainly take any of the...
Thanks guys!    I Lexol and brush everything out-the-box.   Then I loaded up the toe with Kiwi tan wax and melted it down with a fireplace lighter. Then brush.   After that it was just normal waxing with Kiwi, an old t-shirt and a drop of water at a time.
For this bike, black looks the best to me, and it ain't even close...    
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