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Shipping to Oman would be around $60, so we would be looking at $100 total.
 Yup, look just like mine did when new: 
Nick@Horween advised strongly against Lexol on Shell Cordovan, giving no explanation, while many others, including myself, have had good luck with Lexol on shell.   As far as I'm concerned, Nick@Horween's advice is baseless.   The proof is in the pudding; Crane's has well documented his exploits and care regime, and his boots look great and are holding up. It's also a simple an inexpensive treatment. I see little reason to deviate or experiment other than personal...
 I didn't mean to turn it in to that, I was just surprised. I need to try Ned Ludd - even my therapist recommended it.
I'm a midwest boy and haven't explored the Best Coast much. I finally made it up to Seattle a few months ago; the food up there absolutely shits on PDX offerings, which I found hilarious given the food-snobbery 'round here.
   Good God. 
 On a $/utility basis, my Wolverines were my best buy. If 9 is tighter than you'd want, it is too tight. These do not loosen up 1/2 size like some people believe Chromexcel does. Boots are supposed to have room in the toe-box. If you feel that they're slightly too large, there are options available like thicker socks, a very thin insert, or a tongue pad (recommend in that order). Get the 9.5's. For reference, my Brannock is about a 9.75 D and the 9 in Wolverine's fits me...
Don't even know if Grado makes IEM's, but are known for their on-ear headphones. I had a pair of SR-80's and hated them. Terrible sound, terrible comfort, terrible construction. I used Etymotic HF's in the past with Comply tips and loved them... until I lost them in China somewhere; have been meaning to pick up another pair. They sounded great to me @$100, and I see no reason to spend $200 MORE for the ER-4's. I used them coming out of a Sansa Clip+ and on my, at the time,...
 Not likin' that exhaust-wrap brah  Otherwise, lookin' good    Good God. Impressive. It's been 40-50 and I'm not even willing to go wrench in the garage.
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