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 Thanks! It's definitely several shades darker than the rest of the boot.  [[SPOILER]]
Just boot goofin' at work.  
Can we talk about how the Stark collar is just the right amount of roundedness?
You should only use this stuff or face the consequences:  
Lookin' good!
Just attempting to be self deprecating.   They are indeed expensive.   I wear eye-glasses when I ride since I refuse to wear contacts ever, so having a photochromatic shield is a Godsend.
  I knew everyone ignores me.
 Dunno why you wouldn't of gone for the photochromic shield then.
 I'm really diggin' those Scramblers for the simplicity of it. Also, Mother of God.jpg, that dude in the vid... mustache, bow tie, haircut...  Get this when it's available: http://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/protectint-arai-light-reactive-sai-max-vision-pinlock-insert I run a photochromic shield on my Bell and it is great.
Official Wool Cardigan and Leather Sneakers Sales Thread 2015.   If I ever in my life see someone wearing a Stark with CP low's, I will punch them in the dick.
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