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 la cocina?
 They even have Starks.
Still looking where I can buy a CP's, Stark cardigan and crullers starter kit, on discount.
If anyone with a Trubalance in 9/9.5/10 could grab me an insole length/width, I'd surely appreciate it.
 Holy hell, those look light, with orange tones! Looks great, mate. The patina is strong on those.
Up There Sto boxing day sale
Usually they'll popup in B&S/ebay for $300 or so. Used, but still. $1200 is hilarious.
Lardo does suck. I have never heard a positive review. Recently went to Sube Sushi and liked it.
 They won't get much sheen if they're being peppered with oil and greasy LP. I'd recommend skipping the products for a long while and just continuing to brush and buff them. Venetian Shoe Cream, Saphir Renovateur or certain conditioners will leave a sheen behind, if inclined. I went all out and shined my W1K's as they're my experimental footwear... I wouldn't recommend it. 
This heat is killing me. I didn't move from the midwest for this shit. Avg. high is listed as 75 
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