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Has anyone tried to have a pair of walnut shoes refinished as bourbon? I have a pair of walnut Hales that have become obsolete now that I've purchased the walnut Rutledge. No need for two walnut captoe balmorals in my collection. I emailed Allison to see if this were possible, but have yet to get a reply.
 Yours either, tifosi.
 Nice find, CI. I'm actually surprised they made it as long as they did. Don't fret, though. Your money wouldn't be good in my office anyway.
 Thanks for your input, CI. I'm still on the fence myself. Unless I'm holding the shoe at eye level, it's barely noticeable...so I'm leaning towards keeping them.
Regretfully, my mom purchased the wrong size polo for me as a gift. I wear a Medium, but she ordered a small. I didn't even think to check the tag before laundering it. (A silly mistake.) When I tried it on I noticed the error. So...it is now listed on B&S for any interested.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/404819/kent-wang-polo-white-small
Worn and laundered once. Item is in perfect condition. Originally $65.
Opinions on if these imperfections in the finish of my new Rutledge seconds will be easy to polish over?
 Thanks, CI. Always good to hear from you.  I seem to get them on every 8-last shoe, but it's also one of the most comfortable lasts for me and probably my favorite aesthetically
Maiden Voyage of my Saddle Brown Vernons. I've been breaking them in at home for awhile now. They fit great. They look even better. My new favorite shoe. The toe creasing bothered me at first, but I'm beginning to not mind it.
No pics.The 35mm belt had an almost plastic-like feel and glossiness to it...as if it might be corrected grain. It looked and felt much cheaper than the WBD. It's up to you what you do from here, but I promise you'll like the WBD much more than the 35mm.
New Posts  All Forums: