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Can SF members get free shipping if they use the 10% off code?
Thank you kindly. I will certainly try this and report back.
Good morning, sirs. It has been many a moon since I've logged into styleforum and specifically this thread. I have missed you all, but had to excuse myself for a bit because I was becoming a little too materialistic. I was spending an exorbitant amount of income on shoes and clothing and realized that I needed to scale back a bit. I regret missing out on the camaraderie within this thread, but the temptation was too great to buy more shoes when I read it. I'll have to read...
^agreed It also has something to do with the 'peacock' theory. Women tend to notice and comment on items men wear that stand out from the crowd, even if they are entirely dreadful in a sartorial sense.
This guy's only other AE's are black Franciscans and Walnut McAllisters. He has holes in his wardrobe aplenty but continues to purchase 'niche' shoes. However, he loves them and has yet to ask my advice on purchases. I won't squelch his happiness by poo-pooing his decisions. I'm just glad that he no longer wears Kenneth Cole.
I just bought a Chemex today! What is your perfected technique?(sorry to hijack the thread, feel free to answer with a PM... Or not answer at all if it's topsecret)
Agreed, love this boot. Looks a lot like a Redwing Beckman. No idea why they'd put a leather sole on such a piece of footwear. If the MTO waiver was still around I'd order a pair with a mini lug sole in Bob's Chili... Alas.
A friend of mine that I turned onto AE sent me this pic today of his new purchase . I really can't find a place for these on any scale of formality. A black captoe Balmoral with a suede upper? Plain silly to me.I didn't have the heart to talk him out of it as he was giddy as a schoolgirl about them.
Has anyone tried to have a pair of walnut shoes refinished as bourbon? I have a pair of walnut Hales that have become obsolete now that I've purchased the walnut Rutledge. No need for two walnut captoe balmorals in my collection. I emailed Allison to see if this were possible, but have yet to get a reply.
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