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The code is on the back page of the catalog. They seem to be individual, one-time use only.
I've finally joined the buckled shoe world. Never thought I'd do so, but you miserable bastards (said with complete endearment) have worn me down.   Just ordered Mora 2.0s with the current sale, plus 15% off using the code on the Anniversary Sale mail catalog. Came out to $220 each for firsts. Darn good deal, I'd say. I ordered brown and bourbon to see which I liked better.     I need more closet space.  
 Thanks, Kent. Just seeing this response. I have sent an email and will take pictures exhibiting the size difference if need be. It is a pleasure doing business with you, sir.
 Thank you.Anyone have experience with the Poplar belt? I need a dress belt for my new chili Vernons. Would this work?That Teton belt in tan looks nice as well.
Does anyone know if any belts will be discounted for the upcoming sale?
 I really like these, my man.Makes me wonder what the all calf leather version I had going would have looked like.
Does anyone know if Kent changed the measurements of his polos? I received a white one for Christmas and am wearing it today for the first time. It feels much tighter through the chest, shoulders and arms than the others I have (all size medium). Also, the fabric seems to be of lesser quality. I'm a bit disappointed as my navy polo is probably my most worn warm weather shirt.
Where'd you get that slipper deal, Tampa?
 I don't think  you can ask for much better from seconds, honestly. They look fine to me.  Nice score. These are awesome.
For Me: (Brannock 8.5D) 1 Last: 8.5D 5 Last: 8E 8 Last: 8D
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