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 Thanks! I didn't think it actually was Zegna but good to know.  Thanks for the info!
Any ideas on either of these? I know it says Zegna, but the jacket has one of the "cloth by Zegna" labels and it does not match other Zegna labels.  Someone else posted a similar label earlier but it doesn't appear that anyone responded.   [[SPOILER]]  On a Saks made in Italy blazer.  Someone also posted a similar label under Barneys and noted a similarity to Piattelli but there did not seem to be any consensus.
 Happy b-day!
Bookster tweed (n/a)   [[SPOILER]]
Two of the auctions ending tomorrow.. Balint Bespoke Shoes   [[SPOILER]]  Edgar Pomeroy Double Breasted Suit
Nat, Thanks for the info. I actually did purchase a replacement cartridge and it did fix the issue of the needle failing to stay in a groove of the record, but still no sound. I tested it on two different receivers as well. Based on your invaluable and helpful, as always, information, I will try and fix it up. Thanks again! I really appreciate it.
 This looks really cool.
Any Packers fans?    [[SPOILER]]  PRL    [[SPOILER]]  Really heavy. Talon Zippers.   [[SPOILER]]  PRL  [[SPOILER]]  Anyone know anything about the quality of this toshiba turntable? Sound does not work properly--sounds like the cords have a bad connection, so I'm not sure if it's worth it trying to get it repaired.  [[SPOILER]]
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