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Quote: For the price I'm not expecting much, in terms of comfort, how is the footbed after wearing for a while?  Is the inside of the shoe leather all the way through or is it a different material? Probably will hold off until spring if I buy.
 Also don't think it has anything at all to do with Hickey Freeman--I noticed it on a few pants that definitely were not made by HF.
I have two recent suits that I'm looking to trade or sell for someone else, as they lost a lot of wait and no longer fit.  Both are a 42R. One is a Brooks Brothers Saxxon Grey subtle herringbone pattern and another is a solid navy Suit Supply suit.  Both were bought new within the last 1 and a half or so.  I can get pics but do not have any right now.   Let me know if anyone is interested in buying, or, preferably if anyone has anything in a 38R-40R to trade.
AE Oxxford "Archive Collection"--anyone know what that means? Flannel and very heavy. Suit.  [[SPOILER]] Zegna Trofeo SC  [[SPOILER]]  TJ Holland and Sherry Suit [[SPOILER]]  Another TJ suit  [[SPOILER]]  Another TJ, Holland and Sherry again, with thumb Suit.  [[SPOILER]]  And another.. [[SPOILER]]  Vintage The North Face Down Jacket. Gray. In awesome shape, with hood still.  Will be replacing its non-hooded sibling that I am currently using.
 I have not checked in awhile so I could be wrong, but I still think that this is one that remains unclear who the maker is.  I also have one with this label listed so it'd be great if someone figured it out recently.
 Looks like they went pretty quickly.  There was a decent size selection not too long ago.
http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Captoe-Bluchers/136H________BRWN_11H__D___,default,pd.html   I believe Alden's for BB.
AE   Vintage cardigan.  Any idea on a date?  Saw a similar one where someone had it listed as one from the 40's.     3 Small, Slim Fit J Crew shirts that I kopped for someone.  Unfortunately they did not fit, so if anyone wants these for pretty cheap let me know.   Thrift synergy. Lands End silk knit. Minty.
Leave the thread for a few days and I miss a Gucci jacket more expensive than both of my cars combined and a crazy unionmade sale.  Which one of you scooped up my Todd Snyder sweater?
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