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 http://www.narragansettleathers.com/beltwide.html (heard about from PTO http://putthison.com/post/33644150422/getting-a-good-leather-belt-belts-are-one-of-those) I have had mine for two years and think it's great.
   Must have had the epic haul due to good thrift karma from posting the outwear guide.
 Awesome! The last thing I found in a thrifted item was a dried up shrimp tail...
Just wanted to give a shoutout to SpecialK2k12 for hooking me up with an awesome Filson cruiser!  Great guy that anyone on here should trade or buy from.
 Lol, Nice... Also, have that tie and it's great.
Quote: For the price I'm not expecting much, in terms of comfort, how is the footbed after wearing for a while?  Is the inside of the shoe leather all the way through or is it a different material? Probably will hold off until spring if I buy.
 Also don't think it has anything at all to do with Hickey Freeman--I noticed it on a few pants that definitely were not made by HF.
I have two recent suits that I'm looking to trade or sell for someone else, as they lost a lot of wait and no longer fit.  Both are a 42R. One is a Brooks Brothers Saxxon Grey subtle herringbone pattern and another is a solid navy Suit Supply suit.  Both were bought new within the last 1 and a half or so.  I can get pics but do not have any right now.   Let me know if anyone is interested in buying, or, preferably if anyone has anything in a 38R-40R to trade.
AE Oxxford "Archive Collection"--anyone know what that means? Flannel and very heavy. Suit.  [[SPOILER]] Zegna Trofeo SC  [[SPOILER]]  TJ Holland and Sherry Suit [[SPOILER]]  Another TJ suit  [[SPOILER]]  Another TJ, Holland and Sherry again, with thumb Suit.  [[SPOILER]]  And another.. [[SPOILER]]  Vintage The North Face Down Jacket. Gray. In awesome shape, with hood still.  Will be replacing its non-hooded sibling that I am currently using.
New Posts  All Forums: