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   +1 I love my Narragensett belt.
 I picked up the Filson Bell Bomber Jacket for my father.  Should be a nice Christmas gift.
BB Suit 42R Flannel Pinstripe  [[SPOILER]]  Chuck Taylors Made in USA. 13. [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]      [[SPOILER]]      [[SPOILER]]      [[SPOILER]]    J Crew Linen Suit. 44L.  [[SPOILER]]  Paul Stuart Suit. 42R. Hickey Freeman Corduroy Jacket. Quality seems pretty nice on this. XL  [[SPOILER]]  BB 346. 46L I think.   [[SPOILER]]  TJ Holland & Sherry   [[SPOILER]]  BB   [[SPOILER]]  BB 346 Charcoal Pinstripe Suit   [[SPOILER]]  BB 346 41R   [[SPOILER]]  BB 40R  ...
 Those EZ and Cucinellis are great. Congrats! Lots of good stuff on here the last few days.
Been busy lately so only have picked up a few things lately. Florsheims. Shell? I'm having a hard time telling with these.  [[SPOILER]]  Harley jacket A-2 Goatskin Bomber.   [[SPOILER]]  Angelo Nardelli SC 42ish   [[SPOILER]]
I am looking to cut back on my shoes.  These are headed to ebay but wanted to make them available on here first.  I'm open to reasonable offers; I don't expect much for some of the items (e.g., newer florsheims, Nike golf shoes, Sperrys). AE Park Ave 10.5 E  AE Maxfield 12 B   [[SPOILER]]  AE Alton 11.5 D   [[SPOILER]]  AE Boat Shoes 11.5EEE (insoles need to be replaced)   [[SPOILER]]  Nike Air Golf Shoes 11.5 [[SPOILER]]  Newer Florsheims 12 D  [[SPOILER]]  Older...
   Here is a few shots of the inside and another of the outside. Thanks so much for the advice! I really appreciate it.  [[SPOILER]]
Hello all, I just purchased these Wolverine 1000 mile boots and when they arrived the stitching on the upper was already coming off. Is this an easy fix? The retailer is offering a discount and I'd rather keep them if it's not that big of an issue. I have not contacted Wolverine yet.  Thanks for any help!    [[SPOILER]]
  Thanks! I kopped that since it should fit me!
I just purchased these Krause boots from unionmade's sale. The stitching on the uppers is coming off. I just got them yesterday and haven't worn them yet. Do you guys think I should return these?  [[SPOILER]]
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