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Barbour Vest. NWT. $65 plus shipping.   [[SPOILER]]   Barneys Suede Loafers. 45 (fit me and I usually am an 11.5D).  $35 plus shipping. [[SPOILER]] Wool/Cashmere for Wilkes Bashford.  Tagged as L but fits a little smaller.  $20 plus shipping.  [[SPOILER]]  PRL Long Sleeve 100% Linen Shirt.  $9 plus shipping. Recent (I believe) Harris Tweed.  40L.  $20 plus shipping.  [[SPOILER]]   Reluctantly letting this one go.  Bookster Sport Coat. Half canvassed. Ticket pocket....
Been awhile since I've posted but throwing some stuff on here before eBay, as I'm simplifying my wardrobe.  Can take more/better pics and provide more detailed description (and measurements), if needed - just let me know.  More to come... AE 11.5D.  In need of resole.  $25 plus shipping.   [[SPOILER]]   Older Florsheim.  11.5B.  Some condition issues but patina is too beautiful to donate without trying to pass along.  $13 plus shipping. [[SPOILER]]  PRL seersucker pants....
Add mbalanda13 to your block list.
 I noticed some white Folk isa shoes were there early Saturday (7 am) and were not there before.  Other than that I'm not sure about other shoes.
Been busy but a few recent finds.   Shell Florsheim Imperial.  9.5B.  Available.       More Florsheim Imperial. 9D.  Available.         AE Park Ave. n/a.
I found a bunch a Jared M items a few years ago. Wouldnt have been surprised if it was custom made for an NBA player. Based on the measurements I think the items would have fit someone who was around 6'9" and athletic. The sport coat had all of the markings of a higher quality item, including thick MOPs, working cuffs, hand sewn button holes, and it was fully canvassed.
Cannot. Keep. Up. With. This. Thread.     But that LP Deerskin is awesome...
C&J (discount, not true thrift)   [[SPOILER]]   Some J Crew ties.. [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]   Vintage Madras Tie   [[SPOILER]]   Another J Crew, but NWT   [[SPOILER]]    Eddie Bauer Leather Jacket (could use some help on this one...)  [[SPOILER]]   Lands End Linen truly NWOT AE AE AE 7D Awesome Vintage PRL Suit. Somewhere between 40-42.   [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]
 I've been waiting for my order since November 
   [[SPOILER]]      [[SPOILER]]      [[SPOILER]]   Confused on this one. BB Trench, tagged as 40 but has a womens union tag    [[SPOILER]]
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