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Here's another pic of the bag
Soletrane, I also agree with you that piling and cracking is not a trait of most bridle leathers. I have numerous years old bridle leather pieces from places other than filson. None have exhibited the type of breaking down that seems to be consistent with filson's bridle leather.
Soletrane you covered it pretty well. Bride leather does not look like the junk we've repeatedly seen throughout this thread. It seems as whatever Filson is calling "bridle leather" is some mutant form of compressed leather. Even on my field satchel, one of Filson's most iconic and expensive products, exhibits this nonsense. I'm kinda pissed about it today especially as I was looking closely at how one of my strap looks nice and thick while the other one looks like it went...
Yep I didn't pay anywhere near the full price either. Where did you get a SAB for $900? I'm assuming used?
Totally agree with that. At the full $900 range you can get some pretty fantastic offerings from frank clegg and other small leather workshops. But you cannot beat the Filson warranty- that's originally why I went with Filson.
My original brown satchel that was replaced unsuccessfully was the "current" generation of satchel with the updated lock. By the model number (252) I probably had the first generation with the new lock. The ones with the thinner/flimsier leather were 70252s. The satchel is now at 11070252 on Filson's site. I still have my Filson gift card sitting as I won't buy a field satchel until I know for sure that the leather is of the old Filson quality. In all honesty it was...
Two gusset strap around. 
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