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Just received my wallet. Even more stunning in person and the smell is intoxicating. Stitching and edge finishing is amazing. Can't wait to start breaking it in. Also included a picture of my old bridle wallet that was the basis for this custom shell wallet. - that's him. 
Ordered a custom horween shell wallet. Dark cognac outside and #4 inside. In the pictures it looks nice, but will reserve final judgment once I get it.
I think filson has its description wrong as to who the tanner is. On this description it says horween makes the leather and w&c are responsible for the bridle trim.
Not sure if this applies to anyone here, but I hope if it does it provides a sufficient explanation. Last week I placed an order through Filson's website for a tan rucksack with my gift card that I've had for more than a year now. After the order was placed I put the remainder of the gift card's value on a gift card selling website. This morning I received an email from Filson saying the rucksack was out of stock and therefore they were returning the funds back to my gift...
you're right. i'm looking at the satchel which is at 25cm tall, so about 10 inches. 
Yes any pictures of proportion would be helpful. The measurements on their website may be wrong as whenever I convert the cm to inches it would mean all their satchels and briefcases are the size of a small purse.
 Yep. Everything just took a big jump in price. The Tin cloth backpack I wanted went up $90 and the Field satchel went up $105. Pretty outrageous. 
Pretty tempting. Anyone know the tannery from which they get their leather from? Any other opinions on leather quality and thickness. Prices seem to be reasonable.
Thanks for the info! Are the straps comfortable considering they are just a piece of leather with no padding? Speaking of the leather, how is the leather quality of those straps?
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