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Finally got a response this morning. Was getting worried that FedEx delivered it to the wrong address...
Does anyone have the email address of a higher up at Filson other than the regular customer service address? I sent one of my field satchels back in and Filson agreed to credit me $890. That was three weeks ago when it was delivered back to Filson. I have followed up with numerous emails to see the status of my credit all of which have been ignored. This is extremely odd as Filson's customer service has always been brilliant and very responsive. Was wondering if it was...
 Odd that they also got rid of the reviews on some products. 
Filson was reluctant to tell me who their bridle leather supplier was when I first picked up my 70252. Ironically, like you said, it was boldly shown on W&C's website. 
I remember watching a cool hunting video with the "new" owner of Filson where he mentions that Filson has been with the same leather company for the past 20 years. So either the change has been recent or maybe Filson has been purchasing a different type of leather. You would think that the formula for creating bridle leather wouldn't change so often.... http://www.filson.com/filson-life/2013/06/made-in-seattle-cool-hunting-tours-our-new-factory/
I was noticing this change to, but I think it may just be an incorrect description as some of their other bridle leather items still have vegetable tanned mentioned. Either Filson has changed suppliers or Wickett and Craig has changed their formula for bridle leather.   http://www.filson.com/products/leather-outfitter-wallet.65200.html
Will try to find a ruler and report back. 
Not really necessary. Anyone just by touching could feel the difference. You can kind of see in the picture that I am holding both briefcase flaps with a finger and how much the thinner leather is folding while the black briefcase's leather is maintaining its shape. I guess this is what happens when you maintain the same price, but try to make a little more by cheapening the raw materials. 
 Leather is usually ordered in specific thicknesses, I doubt filson is splitting hides on their own. 
I really didn't believe that Filson was cheapening their main luggage line, but unfortunately I can see the proof today first hand. A few pages back you can see that Filson agreed to replace my 3 month old 70252 cause the leather was cracking-- fast forward to today when i received my replacement. I'm frankly shocked how flimsy and thin the leather is on this thing. Clearly Filson has kept the price but seriously cut down on their leather's quality. Was really disappointed...
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