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more info as to where you got it from?
I actually had a brown field satchel before my black one. I sent that one in for repairs to Filson cause I believe it was an older one that was improperly stored and the leather started to crack in certain places. During the time Filson was repairing it, I ordered a black field satchel. Later Filson determined that instead of repairing the brown satchel they would just replace it. The brown one they sent in return was visibly thinner and lighter/ flimsier than the black...
It's a pretty solid bag which I attribute to the quality of the leather. I later ordered a brown field satchel and it was so disappointing compared to my black one. Was thinner and didn't hold its shape as well as my black one. Ended up returning back to filson
Here's a pic of my black field satchel after about a year and half of use back and forth from school and work and multiple trips on an airplane. Frankly the weakest link is the right strap. One strap is nice and thick and solid while the right one is limp and shapeless.
Price lowered to $650. 
Price reduced to $680. 
Price reduced to $700 or best offer. 
Still accepting offers...
I received Filson's most recent catalog and it described Filson's bridle leather coming from the thickest hides and being treated for water repellency. I think this is the first time I have heard Filson claim that their bridle leather is treated with anything that makes it water repellent. I guess I would also like to know whats the reason for the abrupt decline in leather quality also..
I have an electronic Filson (www.filson.com) gift card valued at $890 that I am looking to sell as I am looking at items from other manufacturers. I can email the code once the gift card is purchased. Please PM with any questions. Thanks
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