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Have a question here about my current 70252. I have quite a few Filson pieces both with bridle leather and without and have noticed the leather starting to crease/crack and showing parts of the leather under the coloring. I acknowledge that leather is a natural material and there alway will be some marks that can't be avoided. I have other high end leather goods and know what to expect, but have not seen marks like this especially on a briefcase thats been sparingly used...
any comments or experiences regarding levenger by tusting?
    I do think that's the route I will take. I am most probably going to order that Levenger by Tusting Messenger Brief (well below $500) since it looks pretty casual. And it looks like it ages well to:   I believe the Tusting and Levenger are the same. The leather looks very similar in color
thinking about getting either this     or     I'm leaning towards the second bag just cause the shape seems more defined. 
    Thanks for the suggestions, and yes those briefcases look really nice. Unfortunately they are a little more than I am looking to spend. I am trying to keep it under $600 and under $500 would be even better.    I have been looking at Tusting Briefcases, and have read some posts about them on this forum. Does anyone have any experience with them in the long run?
    Because I have not seen any reviews or comments talking about a Dooney briefcase. The only comment I have seen here is in this thread. And since it will cost me $680+, I am wary buying something that expensive that does not have a known reputation for quality. 
Because I am about to spend a lot of money ( to me at least) and I am not as familiar with brands of briefcases as others here. Are you comparing briefcases to a job? Haha. It's better to see all these different brands and make a decision from there.
I'm guessing over priced brand name? Could you recommend any companies other than Sab that make something similar to the first briefcase I posted?Thanks
Thanks for the suggestions , I will definitely check them out. Does anyone have any experience with Dooney briefcases?
Though I do like the thin briefcase from saddleback, I'm unsure if it maybe to big and heavy. I like the style of the thin, and the first briefcase in my first post. I'm looking for more suggestions that maybe overlooked.
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