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Still accepting offers...
I received Filson's most recent catalog and it described Filson's bridle leather coming from the thickest hides and being treated for water repellency. I think this is the first time I have heard Filson claim that their bridle leather is treated with anything that makes it water repellent. I guess I would also like to know whats the reason for the abrupt decline in leather quality also..
I have an electronic Filson (www.filson.com) gift card valued at $890 that I am looking to sell as I am looking at items from other manufacturers. I can email the code once the gift card is purchased. Please PM with any questions. Thanks
Same for me. I am sitting on a $890 gift card from Filson and seeing the recent decline I have no interest of spending my money there. Will hopefully sell my gift card for around $750-800 on ebay and go after a Frank Clegg. I like my older 70252, but clearly the new ones aren't worth $890.
Essentially we can determine that Filson is not using W&C bridle as they have advertised. Something is amiss and Filson should be honest about the quality of materials they are using. There is no doubt that the filler type junk they are using from their cheapest belts to my $890 70252 is a drop in quality in terms of what they used to use before. I don't understand how they can cheapen such an integral part of the bag. 
What's shown above is how real leather should age. The excessive piling and loose fibers is not what real bridle leather does. You shouldn't be able to pull bunches of leather fibers like a cotton ball like you can on the straps pictured throughout this page. 
 Whats shown in your pictures is exactly what I experienced. As someone who has had numerous W&C bridle leather products, whats presented above is not bridle leather. Its some weird filler type material that may have shavings of bridle leather, but is not true Wickett & Craig bridle as Filson claims. If it is, it must be the lowest line of bridle leather offered that I have never seen. The body of my older 70252 has true bridle leather or at least higher quality bridle...
 I don't think its US bridle leather quality. I have leather goods that were recently made with Wickett and Craig Bridle and the items exhibit none of cheapness of current Filson "bridle" leather. 
My luck has been hit or miss. I have a 70252 thats almost perfect notwithstanding one of the crummy straps. I ordered another 70252 and that one was total junk. I've seen 252s and those are beautiful, thick and strong. Hold their shape wonderfully. 
I deleted your pictures so I wan't posting the same pics over and over. I actually have the same issue on my 70252 that I've used and trusted. One of the straps is thick and strong, while the other one is limp and exhibits the same characteristics as yours. The body of the briefcase is perfect and thick, so for that reason I did not exchange it with Filson knowing that whatever Filson would replace it with would probably be worse. That actually happened when I ordered my...
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