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This thread is a great read.
Thanks! That's really bizarre...   I can follow your link and see everything, but when I go to the site on my own (or from the sale notification e-mail) I still see nothing.  
  How are you even seeing the sale prices on the South Willard website? I've checked a few times since it supposedly started and I don't see anything?   Is there an amount we can assume each item is reduced by and we need to call in orders? I'd love to pick up some Quoddy's on sale.
This seasons models are noticeably smaller in the top block for both the Gio & Gio Skinny. Size up may be necessary.
Here's the link: http://shoerepertoire.com/store/   I'm curious if anyone knows if this is a legitimate retailer.   Thanks.
Does anyone know if the sizing/fit is the same for Common Projects Achilles Low premium vs regular or vintage models?   I'm specifically wondering if maybe due to the extra lining inside the premiums, I should size down for a pair of the vintage achilles low's? I wear a 46 in the premiums for Fall '11, should I get a 46 or a 45 for the vintage low's?
Has anyone had any experience with the Apolis Standard Issue Civilian Chino?   They look really good, but I'm curious how they are in quality/fit to some of the UNIS or W+H offerings, and haven't had any luck finding them in person.
Premium/Ultimate TOJ0 will definitely be purchased if it does in fact make it into the re-collection.   Any ideas for colors/materials at the moment?
What are the chances of a TOJ0 Varsity / TOJ0 Anniversary Edition Varsity being available in 2012?   You could put me down for 2.  
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