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I'm sure this will spark some rage, but are you saying the TOJ1 is available to order until 1/13? If so in what colors?   I sent an email asking about it recently and was told only the TOJ1 2O11 is available.
Hey, I'm 6'3" 210 lbs, athletically built. I'm wondering if anyone can help out with sizing the Amalgam Cardigan? I'm leaning towards XL rather than L, since I don't want the fit to be too tight...but I haven't been able to try it on anywhere, I'm not sure if sizing has changed like it has for the Stark, and there just doesn't seem to be a ton of info on the Amalgam in general.   I do own the Modulo Cardigan in L, and it fit's well, but that style obviously looks...
Happy to see Apolis on this forum. Welcome!   I've become a real fan of the brand. Definitely will try to make it to the new Nomad Market location.
Whoever bought this, if it doesn't work out let me know. I'll take it off your hands, as I've been wanting this cardigan for a while.  
I think the shirt looks good overall but I do have one gripe. That "Italianate" shoulder does not do it for me at all. I just think that if the goal (as stated) is to create a really luxurious AND classic OCBD, then that ruffling effect at the shoulders does not work. Makes it look more like a women's dress shirt.
  Don't own any of this season's herringbone Ludlows (am waiting for a sale since their pricing is too high), but I tried on a few in store. I do own a Ludlow worsted wool suit from a few seasons ago. The proportions look good to me...but I can't really relate to how it fits on other body types. I would imagine J Crew is designing the regular length jackets for someone who is 5'11 - 6'3. Again, I prefer a low button stance/narrower lapel, shorter length jacket, so the 42R...
  Then why not look at some brands that you can find similarly priced (especially since there are frequently sales)... Brooks Brothers/Ralph Lauren spring to mind as fairly accessible brands doing a more trad lapel width and cut.
I couldn't agree more, the low button stance is perfect. I'm 6'3 and broad shouldered, so that probably plays a role in my preference for a lower button stance which I feel helps lengthen the torso.   Do you guys find the narrow lapels as much of an issue on the sportcoats as opposed to the suit jackets? While I wouldn't mind a slightly wider lapel, I have to say that on the herringbone jackets, the narrow lapel helps modernize what can otherwise be a pretty stodgy look.
It may not fall into the "charitable" category, but Apolis is a clothing company whose mission I admire.   Additionally, their clothes that I've owned are well made and look good.
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