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Any codes out there for END Clothing?
Any pics of the A-2 with a ribbed collar? Would dark brown goat w/ ribbed collar work?   Checked the gallery and couldn't come up with anything.
I'm assuming Navy/Black?   Looks great.
On my monitor that sample looks black. If the gray goat is that dark though, then it's not for me.   Was really hoping for a lighter sleeve option, either a cement grey lamb , or cream.
Is there any way we could get pics of the sand tan lamb & gray goat? Would make my decision a lot easier. And looking through the swatches Willy linked to, I really can't tell if either of those colors are shown, or get a sense of how light/dark they are.   Also I understand Drew can do whatever he likes, so maybe its just his preference, but why no cream/white option for the sleeves?
Teger, Amalgam looks good. What size chest do you have that you went with the Large?   I'm still on the fence regarding L vs XL.I have a 42" chest, and would like a similar fit to how you sized it...not super snug, but not overly slouchy either.  
Where? And what color/size?
I'm sure this will spark some rage, but are you saying the TOJ1 is available to order until 1/13? If so in what colors?   I sent an email asking about it recently and was told only the TOJ1 2O11 is available.
Hey, I'm 6'3" 210 lbs, athletically built. I'm wondering if anyone can help out with sizing the Amalgam Cardigan? I'm leaning towards XL rather than L, since I don't want the fit to be too tight...but I haven't been able to try it on anywhere, I'm not sure if sizing has changed like it has for the Stark, and there just doesn't seem to be a ton of info on the Amalgam in general.   I do own the Modulo Cardigan in L, and it fit's well, but that style obviously looks...
Happy to see Apolis on this forum. Welcome!   I've become a real fan of the brand. Definitely will try to make it to the new Nomad Market location.
New Posts  All Forums: