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Anyone seen these shoe trees at the NikeLab locations? If so, any thoughts on who makes them for Nike?  
Any suggestions for shoe tree's that work well with Achilles Low/Derby's?   Preferably unbranded and in line with Common Projects minimalist aesthetic.
 Thanks for the feedback. I've tried them both on, and believe I have my sizing down. My biggest gripe with the 8138 (or any of the boots in that range) are the curved up toe. Something about the front of the boot not sitting on the ground kind of bothers me. Overall, i just think the 1907 looks better. A 1907 in Briar Oil Slick would be perfect though... Good point, I'm hoping with some waterproofing and boot cream/oil I can darken up the 1907's a bit. Even out of the box...
Looking for my first pair of RW's and I've narrowed it down to 1907 or 8138. Leaning towards 1907 though.   Which do you prefer and why?
Anyone here familiar with sizing on the Suede Chukka Boots?   I'm a 46 in every pair of CPs I own (pretty much all Achilles models).
Any codes out there for END Clothing?
Any pics of the A-2 with a ribbed collar? Would dark brown goat w/ ribbed collar work?   Checked the gallery and couldn't come up with anything.
I'm assuming Navy/Black?   Looks great.
On my monitor that sample looks black. If the gray goat is that dark though, then it's not for me.   Was really hoping for a lighter sleeve option, either a cement grey lamb , or cream.
Is there any way we could get pics of the sand tan lamb & gray goat? Would make my decision a lot easier. And looking through the swatches Willy linked to, I really can't tell if either of those colors are shown, or get a sense of how light/dark they are.   Also I understand Drew can do whatever he likes, so maybe its just his preference, but why no cream/white option for the sleeves?
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