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Wish it was black, but I'm interested, double checking my measurements.
Wish that was a 48, you'd have money in your hand already. Good luck with the sale.
I'm looking for a M peacoat, double checking my measurements.
Do you have the fur collar? If so PM me I'm looking for a jacket with one.
Althanis, I have six pairs of WG's (3 new, 3 old style) and they are all like that. I agree it looks weird and wish they were like the SG's having more buttons and centered.
Maybe tomorrow, but is still to early for anyone to have revived it yet.
Thank you for the info, I guess I miss understood. I have to buy a ton of summer office clothes (finally have dress down summer after last years constant heat wave in the north east).
Two questions.... When are summer pants coming out? And what's the deal with the birthday month (for tote holders)
I want to click on the replies to my post but they are all spoilers haha damnit! For the record I was also angry that he left the dragon glass, which to me looks like an arrow or spear head.
They clearly wrote it into the story that he left it behind. Maybe so we can't show people in the near future what it is he's taking about. (The dragon glass, since nobody else that saw it knew what it was). My point is its clear they showed him leaving it on purpose.
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