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More so the smaller sized image than when you zoom in. 
  Try the stuff around gastown (roden gray, livestock, etc.). Apparently the Sedins are frequent shoppers at Hills but I've never seem them myself.
looks like I picked the best two weeks to leave NYC. fuck me lol...   Anyone know if McQueen rings are on sale? And anyone know how long these run for? Just a memorial weekend thing or longer?
I got the Narita shirt last month and it was pretty good. Nothing for me this month though. I hope I never forget to opt-out of hunt club every month. Don't want to be charged for forgetting. Everlane looks interesting, but at the moment, selection seems rather limited.
Friends from Vancouver came to NYC, loaded up on Superdry cause it was on sale and much cheaper apparently. Just another A&F type of thing for me, as in: no thank you. In summary, it's a top brand to wear in Vancouver for the mainstream folks.
How does one enter a high end boutique just to try random stuff on with no intention of buying anything? Even at not that high end, it's kinda awkward. Went to Cole haan just to try the lunar grands, liked em but didn't want to buy at regular price yet, so I just said thanks and walked away. I'm cool with it, but you usually see the FU face from the SAs that helped.
    Going from NYC, so probably more special stores that are Boston staples, where presence is minimal in NYC.
Random question:   Going to Boston this weekend, anywhere else besides Concepts and Bodega I should be hitting up?
    I work 2 floors above facebook offices in NYC. I'm always in the elevator with them and see them in wearing whatever the hell they want. 
NYU offers summer housing. Better check now if they still have space, as priority is offered to students taking classes and then those who aren't. This is pretty much open to anyone.
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