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Two boots for sale. 1. White's Boots Semi-Dress Brown Chromexel Custom made boots. Brown Chromexcel, size is US 12.5EE. Used few weeks, too large for me. I payed 450 USD (£290) for them. I am asking 150 USD + actual shipping. 2. Russell Moccasin Premier Chukka. I've ordered this in 12 3E ball to 4E, got them, sent back to Russell because they were too wide. Got them back, they fixed heel to 2E, but still wide for me in the ball. Payed 340 USD for them and...
Selling excellent condition White's Boots Semi-Dress Brown Chromexel Custom made boots. Size is US 12.5EE. I've ordered them couple of months ago from White's, tried them and decided they are too large for me (I normally wear 12 US, 11.5 UK).   Specs: Horween Brown Chromexcel leather No lining Vibram Composite sole Single row stiching Semi-Dress curved heel (standard height) Leather laces Condition is very good / excellent. Worn them only 10-12 times....
  I have CXL Semi-Dress and black Farmer-Rancher. The leather on Farmer-Rancher is thicker and more rigid. Semi-Dress CXL is softer and more stretchy. Also the quality is higher. Less break-in time with Semi-Dress.   I am selling brown cxl Semi-Dress in 12.5EE just because its too roomy once I wore them a bit. 
Anyone interested in Semi-Dress Brown Chromexcel 12.5EE? Got them custom ordered from White's couple of weeks ago, but they are too large for me. Boots are in excellent condition. Drop me a message.
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