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I have a pair of the selvage chinos (democratic fit) from last year that no longer fit me because I lost some weight. Those are 34 and very large on me. I ordered a pair of the standard issue in size 32 (democratic fit), and while they do fit, they seem just a bit more snug than I am comfortable with. They definitely don't fit as loose as they do on the model.  I am torn between exchanging for 33 or taking my chances that these will stretch out a bit. I know these are...
So, I guess this is a longshot question:  Is there anybody who owns, or at least who has tried on both the Tellason Sheffield, and the 3Sixsteen+ 30BSP?  If so, how would you compare the top block on the 30BSP compared to the Sheffields?  I've tried the Sheffields, and I love how the top block fits - the rise and waist are perfect in my size, but I like the detailing on the 3Sixsteen+'s more, and the Sheffields don't taper enough for my tastes - they seem almost straight...
I was just about to post here to ask Taylor Stitch if they'll ever do any more of those cotton duck pants.  I bought a pair in charcoal in the shop a few months ago, and it is by far my favorite pair of pants.  I am kicking myself for not getting another pair in the camel color when I had the chance.
I love the way the Ranger Green Yosemite shirt looks, and am close to pulling the trigger, but I can't think of a pants color that would work with it.  The faded jeans that the model has on looks good, but my jeans are pretty new.  Would a light khaki work?
  Thanks for your response.  Just out of curiosity, what is the reason for measuring the natural waist?
I've been researching/pricing my first real pair of raw denim, and wondered if someone here might have some advice for me:  I am about to start a fairly physical job, which will involve some crawling around on floors, but in an office environment.  So, I am looking for a fairly rugged denim which will look nice and be comfortable.  Would it make sense to look for something with a heavier weight?  Maybe 15oz or so?  I'm not sure I want to be messing with jeans that stand...
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