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I wear 36 in Havana and Hudson and have to go to 38 for Copenhagen.  Not familiar with La Spalla.
 That coat looks rad (and I bet you get a lot of use out of it over a jacket or without).  I'd be all over something like that if I were taller and not worried about it making me look like a tank.
I ordered one Havana on Tues when U.S. outlet first opened.  It shipped just after midnight this morning from NJ and is supposed to arrive in Chicago Friday (i.e., tomorrow).
God, I hope they don't do another restock.  My wallet hates me right now and my closet can only fit so many blue jackets.
Can someone with experience tell me how their overcoats fit and how you size them relative to the size of your Suitsupply suits/sportcoats?  Do you go a size up on the overcoat if you're planning to wear it over a suit, or do they build in an allowance?   I wear a 36S Havana and am wondering if I'd get a 36 or a 38 overcoat.   Thanks!
They are adding new stuff to the outlet.  Bunch of new stuff in 36S and 36R.
US suitsupply outlet website is now "undergoing scheduled system maintenance."  this is new, right?
i think they're just cutting the regular sizes in half (looks like the long sizes are grossed up).  so, i'm assuming that 38S US size = 24 French size.   i wear a 36S in havana, so that would be 23.  thanks for making me feel like even more of a midget, you french surrender monkeys (jk, i love the french).
Anyone know wtf these French sizes are for short jackets?   23, 24, 25?  Are they just cutting the regular size 46, 48, 50 in half?
i didn't really think so because of the weave and patch pockets, but i guess it might depend who you're asking.  might have that problem with a lot of solid navy jackets that don't have blazer buttons (which i guess you could add).  regardless, it looks good as an odd jacket with lighter-colored pants.
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