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None in Stratford Westfield the last time I checked (2 weeks ago)
I popped into the Oxford Street store yesterday, looks like there is fuck all in the store to the honest apart from the usual fare. No new collections/colabs coming in?
I purchased the wool pea coat a few days ago. I might return it though, as although I have the XS it looks like it is oddly cut (the bottom flares out I think) and lengthwise it is a little on the short side. Quality wise, I cannot really fault it for £50 though...
Starting work (first proper job after university ) and needed a boost to my wardrobe with the least amount of hurt to the wallet as possible. Copped a few of their chinos for £19.90, and also picked up another Linen jacket (this one in grey) as it was the best one when compared to other high street retailers I visited (not going to pay £110 at Zara!)  
Sale in the UK stores right now (online only I think), £10 off £60+ spend...Might have to cop another linen blazer, and see if they still have those tasmanian wool trousers as I'm starting work soon and my professional wardrobe is pretty wack right now...
A have one in navy, works really well with what I have in my wardrobe. Off white one looks good too imo
Looks pretty good, I',m going to see if they still have the tasmanian wool stuff at the London stores.
Plenty of stores in Central London, literally 5 minutes walking distance apart!
Why not check out Meermin shoes from Spain? There's quite a thread regarding them somewhere on SF and I think Die Workwear talked about them also on the blog. Prices for the base models I think are Euro 170 shipped to the UK...   I also noticed an establishment called Discount Shoe Sales near St James Park station as I was walking to my exam halls a few weeks ago. I didn't go in but from their website it seems they stock Loake, Barker and other English brands. Might...
For any SFers looking for tailors in the East London area, I have used Michael Wood (based in Leyton) for some alterations on a suit. Had a little crease below the neck fixed, and tapering the jacket at the waist along with a full trouser taper.
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