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i have seen them in person, for the quality, i'd rather get ndc
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Is it weird that I want a new girl so I can buy her shit? It ended at $103... Fuck hahaha, i thought i was the only one !! guess we're not weird for not wanting to spoil a girl
For the Acne Max Shaved: 14.25 Waist 8 Front Rise 11 Back Rise 9 Thigh 6.5 Hem For the Julian Red Hoboken Dark Dancer: 14 Waist 10 Front Rise 12.5 Back Rise 9.25 Thigh 6 Hem I am a 28 in most jeans, 29 if they are really skinny, these both fit me perfect, only selling them cause I got too many jeans, and i tend to wear black ones now. *I used to have dark dancers in 28, sold them because they were too skinny, i find Julian Red are size smaller...
thanks for letting me now, links to pics are now fixed
lookin for that pair myself, just can't decide on colour, did u see the new colourways for summer 2011? looks so good, suede done in like a light grey/purple hue and another one done in an even lighter grey/ no purplish tint
Julian Red Hoboken Dark Dancer 29x34 Bought from a previous owner, slight wallet fades, otherwise, lots of life left, check the pics for details, I myself have worn them only 3 times Acne Max...
canada goose is another one, especially the japan edition of chateau or calgary on uncle otis store. however, cheaper? i dunno man. check out mountain co op store and see if u can something there.
i've got the skinny black basin wash, and found they fit very nice, but i will only go so far. if you are comparing to quality with n & f, well those are better and more expensive (quality wise). but i couldn't stand the fits on n & f on me, and so went with them atelier. i dunno about the other models, but the skinny models have the small coin pocket on the inside of the jean, dunno why they did that, as it seems very stupid to me. for 98 bucks, its a good deal,...
that whole leather suit cracks me up, just an eyesore when its surrounded by other wise bland but well styled pieces, and all of a suddden, a leather jumpsuit ... jokes the footwear interested me more this season, too bad its so overpriced tho
i like the first one on the left, the right seems overdesigned with that x strap, which could get lame pretty fast.
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