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looks like u want a cross between perfecto and motorcycle jacket, only in wool of course, and with zips, check out rick owens, and for more of a peacoat but with zips, check out man of moods fw10
quality wise has to be apc
roden gray still got a size small in a very cool double breasted cardigan. was going to get it until they sent me measurements that seem too big for me, o yah, and its half price. 17" shoulder 20" chest 25.5" length 26" sleeve
black denim is harder to fade than most others, primarily because the black dye itself sticks to fabric like no other. white denim? they are white already, what's there to fade? unless u mean just getting dirtier and more yellow. acne's got some nice white denim in that they are not white but dirty white, or chalk white, as opposed to i'm painting my garage white.
Moncler Montclar Size 0 Good for 34 or 36 Bought from Luisaviaroma, so its super legit, got serial number and everything if u wanna check it out yourself. Never worn, tags and everything still attached. Letting go cause i need the money right now. Description: Very versatile fit, as you can see, there are two row of buttons to button, whether you want a tight fit or more relaxed, that's why i say it fits for a 36 or smaller, even can go down to 32 for you super slim...
price lowered ppl
stutterheim raincoats, handmade in sweden, check out their site, they got every size imaginable plus they are coming with an off white colour with silver buttons and grey lining, pretty interesting choice for a raincoat aplace store seems to be selling the raincoat cheaper than stutterheim official site
go to chinatown and get plain coloured tshirts for 5 for 10 bucks (that's what it is here in toronto, they got many different fruit of the loom/hanes shirts) if you're not in a hurry, you can buy jeans on the sale forum, often good deals to be had head over your local good will / charity store for other odds and ends
measurements measured at outsole: grenson width 4.5 inches length just shy of 12 inches (like 1 cm off of 12) buttero width 4.5 inches length 12 exact
going this low scares me
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