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boots came in, alot better shape than i expected, this seller is legit ppl, if those rick's were in my size, i'll have those too !
crescent down works have been popping up on ebay, looks like direct from factory (as seller name is down works, located in seattle) and some are being sold as brand new while others are factory seconds, mostly vests tho.
just pmed u thanks
ditto on beating them up, sneakers are not to be babied, if u have dark colour cp's, no need to worry about wearing denim with them, the colour bleed only shows on light colours seriously tho, ppl spend a thousand dollars on guidi/augusta boots and beat the hell outta them as long as its not an overly dressy/fancy style, wear the shoe and don't let it wear you
Bought this last year at full retail from a local store. My Emory from 2008 is still going strong, hence why i'm selling this, I could use the added cash flow and don't have time to wear this. This still has one year of warranty left. I'm sure you know the amazing details of this coat, so I don't know if I have anything more to add. Message me for any other info, pics, etc. Also note that this season of the Jonas has been changed drastically, so if you prefer this version,...
Plz note, Drkshdw has been worn for 5 times, Number (n)ine is new with tags. Pics have been taken under daylight, both pairs are darker than they appear. Can provide any other info. Drkshdw Berlin Dust 28 120 US Shipped to North America More like a dark blue, muddy, colour with distressing throughout, unfinished hem, darts, etc. these will fit perfect for a 28, leg is more straight leg cut as opposed to detroits, which are tapered tag: ...
i just saw the pic num21lock posted, and the purple ones look so cool. anyone kno where to get those? i've been searching online so far and can only find beeswax/tan, colours. if anyone knos the purple suede, pm me or something, much appreciated
because u call urself new to jeans, i highly advise just going out to try as many jeans as possible with absolutely no intention of buying. the idea here is u will become aware of what u like, don't like, what suits u, etc. take the sales ppl with a grain of salt and just be honest to urself. go home, think about the fits and styles u wore, and look at your current wardrobe and you will get an idea of what ur after. aforementioned brands that should fit budget wise,...
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 um....did you notice the fill count? its for colder then sweater, not cold enough to dog sled. fill count is 750 Hutterite white duck down and to the sizing of the expediation, yeah, i have to size down two on normal canada goose wear, they are gigantic, japan editions, its safe to go true to size
dark dancer sold, acne max still available
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