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hey mikeey, did u resole those too? i thought they all had crepe sole, they look great btw
trying to tailor down sizes will always cost u way more than u thought, and the finished product will never fit perfectly like u wanted it to. i have tried tailoring a couple button up shirts before and there was always some part that was still weird with it, shortening sleeves is alright, but thats as far as i would take it
Black Marsell Side Zip 41 I got too many boots already, letting these ones go, hopefully new owner will give them the love they deserve. I haven't worn them since i got them, previous owner had worn these lightly, had new vibram soles installed at the heel, only noticeable thing is a scratch on the left boot, i have included the pic and circled it. These fit one size large, perfect for 42/US9. ...
As well as Boots and Shoes by: Church's Tricker's Grenson Dr.Martens
would have instantly bought if they were 28
All Jeans Sold, thanks for all your interests
This Has Been Sold !
Price drop for Drkshdw jeans, 120 becomes 110 Shipped anywhere in North America
R.A.D at 899 Dundas West (women) Guidi, Lost and Found, Nico Uytterhaegen, Werkstatt Munchen, Forme d'expression, etc. some accessories like bags/belts/necklace/etc are unisex Delphic at 706 Queen West (men + women) Canadian stuff ala Philip Sparks, Hoi Bo and a wide collection of Krane After you stop here, go behind the building for Klaxon and Howl (The couple owns both the stores) Oliver Spencer Store at 962 Queen West Fred Perry Store at 964 Queen...
complex geometries/one day sale/40 % everything/code "onedaysale"
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