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Dark Brown, 24 oz. Virgin wool, Button down, 4 pockets total, 2 of which are side pockets for hands Bought last year at Filson HQ when I made the trip to Seattle. Has been worn 5 times total, in great condition. This is the womens mackinaw vest as their men stuff are ridiculously oversized, will fit up to a slim 36 and under. I am a 34 and can layer with it and even wear as an outer over my hoodie. This fits like their men's vest: boxy fit, none of that tapered waist...
Great bag, this price is downright robbery, nice pickup for whoever gets the bag available in low cut as well, and on sale really interesting take on summer footwear in general
mexico, and for fall 2011 footwear, production will be moved to italy
second the uniqlo's, simply the best and they come in a variety of colours and stripes get the extra low rise boxer brief with stretch, will not show through any pair of skinnys
m0851 Complex Geometries Klaxon Howl Philip Sparks Juma Rudsak Blanc and Noir Dayton
Thanks for the update on the sale extension Thomasec, leaves me more time to think about the boots ( i already have so many but this is a damn good deal ! ) To those of you worrying about the durability of nubuck, just go with the one you think looks the best, unless you are a lumberjack or construction worker by trade, i doubt you will wear these boots to the ground From my experience, leather boots/shoes wear out from the inside, its insole/midsole, very rarely do...
i wear my krane emory to death and can't say more about it, made in canada, attention to detail .... great piece at a great price
wearing them long with those kind of shoes would look even more awkward since u got dressy shoes, which calls for a tailored look they look fine to me
should be one next wed
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