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With your priority in having a light bag, a nylon bag will always be lighter than a leather bag. And it would probably be more durable as well, most fashion brand leather bags are lamb or sheepskin which is not the most durable of leathers, and if they are cut from calf, they are usually not the thick skinned kind. The "better" with leather bags are that they look better, in my opinion anyway. Leather itself looks better when u use it more and more, and like a pair of...
no prob, upon closer inspection, it looks like the sole has been surface dyed orange, that is, it is not orange deep within. perhaps u can ask your cobbler more info about stripping away that initial first coat of color, either by sanding it down a touch ( prolly most dangerous method as it has to be even and very slight sanding, or else it will look very distressed ) or apply a paint thinner that would strip away the initial color, and then repainting it black so it would...
Take it to any cobbler, they can paint the sole black. In fact, whenever i get my shoes/boots rubber heel replaced, they do it free for me ( i have to tell them not to now tho cuz i like my soles looking beat up ) Take note, that it will wear off eventually and u will have to re dye them again.
water repellent uppers usually means either 1) the material is fake suede/leather and or 2) treated with a silicone/wax coating, to be more water resistant, but not water proof. Sprays can only go so far, there is no spray that fully protects ur suede forever, most of the time if you get urself a spray, u will find yourself re applying many times as the coating can wear off pretty easily after getting wet a few times (depends how wet). Some thicker suedes can take more of...
gravity pope has an additional 40 % off sale items only Very slim pickings of anything good left, big sizes of a few pieces of geller But there is still a XS in crescent down works black down jacket and duvetica hooded down jacket in 48 and parka in 46,48,50
white pearl snaps ? best to go to some vintage shop and scour the western shirts section, tons of snaps there
Not for sure, but i remember the rumours when they first started out that they were made where lanvin made their sneakers. Or many other high end lables that share that sewn rubber sole. I remember that was one of their selling points when they first came out, having a lanvin esque ( in terms of quality ) shoe at fraction of the price, haha, how much that has changed ....
yea, their web service ordering is lacking; i find calling them to be much better. Last year, i called them, spoke to a salesperson, who put me on hold for a few seconds to check stock, confirmed, and took down my credit card info and that was that, got my item in due time. Hopefully its still available for ppl looking to score that piece, because its in a really great colour, prior to these, i only found them in black, clay, and olde blue, which was the one i settled on.
Great deal on the Marked cardigan in size small only : http://reborn.ws/shop/S.N.S.Herning/snfw11006/
i guess i'm the 6th, ugh, congrats to the person who scored it
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