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Now on ebay, interested parties, start ur bidding !
That is the Portal JacketDessin no. 867From Summer 2012 Collection
From Odyn Vovk's very first collection, Summer 2009 - Unmerciful Although this was released in the summer, this is by no means a light leather jacket, in fact, its more suitable for spring / fall and would be too hot for the summer. Leather measures 1mm thick, and is much more hard wearing than lamb and on par with calf skin. Leather is washed and wrinkled. Kangaroo style front pockets, one internal welt pocket, two way solid brass riri zipper, long skinny sleeves with...
SNS Herning Roentgen Sweater
the black shawl sweater in that pic is actually the Nestor, not the same as the Paragon, altho they do look awfully similar. But the paragon's shawl isn't quite as large as the nestor, and the paragon's hem line is different from the nestor. the nestor continues the "wavy texture" all the way down to the cuffs and hem while the paragon ends in a plain knit before it hits the hem.
LOL, sns drug dealer
nomad in toronto has just received their shipment of sns, dunno when they will have it up on their webstore, should be soon.http://instagram.com/p/RIocAUQ638/
here's wat i found on how to stretch out a shrunken wool sweater http://www.thebudgetfashionista.com/archive/how-to-unshrink-wool-sweaters/
one thing in buying kids clothing are that the prices much cheaper finding a proxy to asian uniqlo is also a good option but yea, a tailor is ur best bet, as long as the clothes fit well width wise, fixing the length is not a problem
heh, i bought my calgary last year for 650, and now its 850, always good to kno i could resale it for more now and not lose as much. Yes it sucks for new buyers but honestly, compared to the likes of moncler or duvetica, its still a good deal, the latter brands offer really simple jackets for much more and really aren't special until u hit the even more expensive options. But to canadians, the price jump is not good for canada goose, way too much competition now. With...
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