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i want the small sea green, blue/yellow boxer briefs, sent you a pm
5 dollars off all items
i don't need much repairing since i don't wear my jeans hard, so i usually retire them when i'm bored of the cut and get another pair of jeans.
i made a couple tshirts before, should have invested in silk screen set but was too cheap at the time and ended up hand painting them. took forever as i actually painted a woman's face i took from some hitchcock movie, anyways, i used acrylic paint, no water, which is permanent. Turned out great, only thing is though you can feel the layer of paint and it did toughen the shirt.
size down two for rescues, they already are a baggy cut so im afraid sizing down one would be too little. if u are really not sure, measure ur waist and compare it to the sizing chart on context. the messed up thing with apc is they measure one size larger than tagged, plus they stretch one size with constant wear, so if you get a 31, ur basically getting a 33 in the end.
just go into the boys section, the shirts there are always short, i tend to go with xl or l in boys and fits me fine, no need for tailor.
i think its just a matter of getting used to it, as long as the jeans don't hurt or strain ur body, ur fine. i'm not sure why u would get itchy legs from jeans, they are cotton which is known to be soft, but this is probably saying u would want a finer weave, lighter weight, non slubby denim. i would say go to a really good jean store, or someone very knowledgeable with lots of cuts and brands to try on, listen to what they have to say about ur body type, and just spend...
ditto with what everyone else said, its too big of a job, ur basically wanting to turn them into a completely different cut which won't be cheap and more importantly, u better kno a really good tailor since its not just altering the hem. and they're just another pair of levis, save urself the money and just wait for summer till other brands release white denim, acne makes good fitting ones
guess they had many scraps and bits of denim lying around, figured to make some baseball gloves would be pretty cool, combining 2 favourite americana things together, pretty clever
i think most of it depends on u, if u don't do much activity, well of course they won't fade much no matter how long u wear em i'm one of those ppl, plus i got kmw rockers so no activity plus kmw's equals no fading! ive had them for over a year and only now are they starting to fade on the thighs, i've got honeycombs, and my wallet fade is hardly there
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