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max to me, is not that skinny compared to my julian red hobokens, i have an acne max shaved in 28 and the hem is around 6.5 inches. basically the mic is slim straight, does not taper whereas the max is slimmer than that, tapers slightly with a lower rise as well. mic should be dressier, because the max models also have exposed back pocket rivets whereas the mics do not.
ALL SOLD thanks to those who looked at this thread special thanks to those that bought the items
i dunno if they make them every season, but from the stores i've seen, i believe yes. It is one of their staple models in their collections and it would depend more if the store picks the style up.
you're right, i haven't seen many ppl wearing wax coated denim while stores carry a lot of them. i've had one pair long ago and while i find it looked good and all, it just attracted too much dust and dirt that i washed off the wax.
whats your price range first? also, i'm assuming you are looking for some kind of buckle and not lace up style? what about zippers?
i think more experimentation in the denim will be coming, like how naked and famous has cashmere, kevlar, silk, etc. woven into their denim as well as budget priced bare bones denim ala unbranded at urban oufitters
sf is not dead at all, i believe there are a growing number of users and as someone else here noted, there has been an expansion of coverage on fashion conventions
common projects achilles SOLD to good home
when are you guys going to cover krane? can't wait for pics on fw 2010 jackets + coats kudos to great job on the rest, i can now plan out my budget more wisely
wow, i haven't met a person with such erratic sizing in that case, it would be best to try them out in store for the time being tho, both shoes/boots are still available
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