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this stuff is gonna sell like hotcakes i bought 3 of my krane stuff at regular retail, and its still worth it, half off? that's absurd
check out these price drops ppl
i haven't found it darken the leather, or at least the dark browns and blacks i have but i have noticed it does take the shine away and "dull" it. My Paul Smith Ricards used to have a brown shine finish on the black leather, and after applying it, has turned dull black. Same goes with my black leather jacket. I however, enjoy this look as it makes it less dressy which is a look im going for. Beware if your leathers have a really special sheen or finish as applying the...
uniqlo is bound to move into canada, the question is when As a business, i could not imagine a huge company not wanting to try to take over the world and their image/product has mass appeal having read some article ago about the way the company markets itself abroad, expect a huge location in a very famous city but living in toronto is not so bad, its the reason why i make trips to nyc, cross border uniqlo
i have the first generation of emory bomber, the one with goat hair, it is visible, especially if u flip it a bit when not wearing, its esstentially two vertical strips, looks cool
omg, thank u so much scb, i have been awaiting this collection for a long time, every fall season actually. huge fan of krane, i have the first season of emory, last year's jonas, and the harland messenger bag. always wandering what ken has up his sleeve. and im glad to see the collection is extending into shirts, leather jackets, belts, etc.
just bike in whatever denim u have there are some expensive models that have reinforced layer in the crotch but honestly, i find to have that is too expensive and u may not like the fit i would just ride in watever u got, and when push comes to shove, just patch up the holes, but get them while they are still small
Up for sale are two awesome pair of boots, both are very lightly used and have been babied with mink oil so they are ready for abuse : P First up are the well known Buttero Work Boots in 41 US 8 < SOLD > These are dark rich cherry brown colour and have been vibramed before i wore them out. One important thing to note is that both pair of laces have ripped on me so one boot can lace up to the 6th hole while the other one can only do up to 5 (these are 7 hole boots). ...
billy kirk has a nice tri fold wallet, although its a tri-fold, its even smaller then the tanner billfold, and much thinner too because of the leather, i find its quality much better (more supple leather). one pocket for cards and the other space for bills, no frills really.
i've had a pair of mid achilles and they squeaked on me, i since sold them though and not because of that reason. i conditioned them with mink oil and it didn't help the squeaking, i was never really annoyed with it since it didn't squeak that bad. I doubt you can really do anything to make it go away. Just wear em in noisy environments.
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