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LOL, i've never seen such a difference between a boot, even with months of wear, its like dr jekyll and mr hyde
welcome back city connection, your informative posts are well appreciated, let the bombardment of questions begin : P
2 yrs ago Serpentine in Yorkville carried them, dunno if they still do but its worth a shot
forgive and forget
all is not lost, go to any good cobbler and they can stretch it for you. Basically, they spray the leather with a solution that relaxes the leather so its easier to stretch, then they put in a stretcher. They can stretch the length, width, in step, or opening of the shoe. Obviously there is a limit, so take your shoes and get their opinion on how far they can take it
All sns herning stock 50 % off at volls store located in germany http://www.volls.de/index.php?list=SNS-HERNING also, some older stock still available at their outlet section http://www.volls.de/index.php?list=OUTLET_S
this could be a new fashion trend
fang is warmer, both stark and fang have a knit gauge of 5, stark is 1.2 kg while fang is 1.4 kg of wool, also, the way fang is weaved, it is much more dense
montreal boutique reborn got some stuff on sale stark sweater for 160 http://reborn.ws/shop/S.N.SHerning/shfw12005/ common projects combat boot for 270 ( limited sizes ) http://reborn.ws/shop/CommonProjects/cpfw12002/ i ordered from these guys before, good service, i recommend calling them and placing an order that way, faster and they can immediately check on stock they shipped via canadapost within canada, dunno about usa / international
not impressed with blk dnm, the ones i tried on were black and washed black with slight distressing, i believe they were made in thailand or vietnam, denim felt like average mall brand quality, i would get them if they fit you well as their fits are pretty good, but in terms of quality, nothing special at all
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