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 Kazuna, suitshop
i once saw a pair of baxter boots in an interview room of a court house. the rubber soles were disintegrated - rubber was chalky, stiff and crumbled. that was my first and only contact with them. and that made up my mind 😂
nice one Pop! that was going to be my next commission. it'll look great beaten up
MD slightly out of budget but here goes http://www.herringbone.com/collections/mens-1/products/off-white-linen-shirt-ss16
cotton linen blend would be the way to go.
perhaps uniqlo? for the moment suitsupply don't have any linen woven shirts since they're heading into colder months.
he's a bit annoying and vulgar (I watch his channel despite NOT being a f*ckerooney(?)) but when he cuts to the chase, he has valid points.
Humans are complex creatures.   Some watch nerds subscribe to the notion, that, if faced with whether one should buy a nice car or watch:  
that is a shame. have you tried it on a leather strap?the finishing of the grand seiko punches above it's weight. i love the spring drives, and the snow flake dials are simply stunning.would one day love to add a credor to the rotation. that is completely in another class. sigh.
i think the birth year thing for watches is a bit of a gimmick. throughout its whole life it's lived with other owners and by the time it reaches you it has plenty of scratches and dings, which you are the none the wiser of. different story if your parents or grandparents bought it for you on the day you were born and had it stored away until your 21st or something. my first rolex was an explorer and i couldn't be happier - it's more dressy than sporty; although not as...
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