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looks like a flat white to me.
what were the frame materials on either of your frames CD? buffalo? acetate? I'm still waiting for the day I pick up some genuine tortoise shell frames in a thrift shop
    Here's the latest addition to the rotation: late 70's DJ 16013. A bit old man ish but i thought i'd treat myself to something modest for opening up my own law practice.
I'm starting to think my $15 hair cuts from Western Sydney (Parramatta) is too expensive!
 disagree. on our "cold" days which i'd say is below 18, i've got flannel and my cashmere overcoat on and that makes me comfortably warm! probably is like that for a good month and a half mid winter
 I've seen their denim before. +1 for nice fades. 
 does this include Barbour, or just belstaff? Been eyeing a bedale for some time..
have you called them to see if they have what you want in stock?
optimum for me is 8.5-9cm. otherwise skinnier ties are for my 'casual' days where it's still office attire but with odd trousers without a coat on
I'd prefer my leather jackets to be a touch short as you have, FH.. maybe a touch longer in sleeve length on your jacket (knowing you have long long arms). the only accessory you're missing is a cafe racer.
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