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 50 cigs, 50 grams in cigars
as JM mentioned, the aluminium is susceptible to dings and dents. I was weighing up few weeks ago, an alu Rimowa vs samsonite polycarbonate and settled with the samsonite lite cube.. dual stem with twin wheeled spinners... plus any scuffs could be rubbed out. the only drawback was the fact that sharp items could actually break the poly shell (in particular the corners) though I've been advised to stick the fragile sticker on the case to ensure some (if any) care is taken...
 I would go with Meermin even though you can't try them on locally - otherwise Loakes from pediwear (again, online). Sizes are pretty standard
 When Henry Carter restock more socks, they are worth a look. Otherwise I get some of my socks from Woods of Shropshire (Pantherella). If you are on a budget, Viccel are worth a look. 
ThanLikewise, have worn vans and tigers.. Both killed my feet.JM I'm surprised they were chukka and not desert boots! Will give them a shot around town.
hello friends, i will be going away early and would like recommendations on good sneakers (or even shoes) to be traveling in? will be doing lots of walking, sightseeing etc. and would like a pair that will not take too long to break in but more importantly, are easy on the feet after a long day. budget is up to $300.
Chemist warehouse, no fragrance and no tint. It's a white liquid but dries clear and non oily/greasy.
I go to him - Simon from Speedy Shoe Service. Haven't had a sole replacement yet though, only topy and heel replacements
I know it's the end of summer, but for those who've been on the lookout for cotton/linen chinos (a touch on the skinny side), country road has staple colours on sale:   http://www.countryroad.com.au/sale/man/clothing/60168781-194/Cotton-Linen-Chino.html  - navy http://www.countryroad.com.au/sale/man/clothing/60168781-118/Cotton-Linen-Chino.html  - stone
I use Sunsense face moisturiser with spf50+ protection. Not worthwhile getting anything without spf protection.
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