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has anyone been watching Homeland? the latest episode... so gutted on all fronts
must.. resist... sales.... i'm saving up money to open up my own law practice next year so money will be scarce for the next 2-3 years 
nothing in size 8 left 😑
 I haven't forgotten - they're the ones you sent back to factory for restoration, no?
 who makes those shoes? op shop too? :D
looks like there's a new denim shop in Sydney's inner west: https://www.broadsheet.com.au/sydney/fashion/article/denim-specialists-marrickville
 I work in the public sector; not only are the christmas functions tedious and abysmal, but I have to actually pay to attend  
lovely strap. who's the manufacturer?
been meaning to go there but have never gotten around to it. I like porteño for their meats. pretty sure they're owned by the same people
Q: If i put a curved spring bar (with curved strap) on a watch that comes from factory with straight spring bars, is the integrity of the spring bars staying in place jeopardised? I've read posts that suggest the holes in the lug ought to be angled/curved to snugly fit the spring bars.
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