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Oli let me know if you're in Parra - my office is based there. We'll catch up for a coffee.
thanks JM. is it a black on black or black on navy? satin or grosgrain?I do have a couple of black Oxford captoes. Not a professional ribbon cutter but I have a friend who is in media/journalism and she invites me to just about all her networking events - about 2 -3 or so a month, and about half of which are either black tie or cocktail dress!
gents, it is getting to the point where I am attending a lot more black tie events (think: tuxedo with bow tie) and I will therefore need to invest in some  shoes for such occasions.   is it better to go with some calf wholecuts (for versatility, since they can be added to the rotation), or some dedicated patent leather oxfords? i'm inclined to rule out velvet slippers. if it's of any utility, it's to go with a navy tux with a black shawl lapel.
 I've only got one of their shirts and this was from a few years ago. I'd put them on par with charles tyrwhitt which is at the lowest entry point. With shirts, the trick is to have a lot of them in your rotation - they will last a lot longer as you will wear and wash the individual shirt less often. You can take preventative measures such as using aluminium free deodarants and using alcohol wipes on your neck before you wear them (i rub some isocol on a cotton ball and...
baking soda paste (baking soda mixed with water). look at http://putthison.com/post/441812762/cleaningshirts
that's a great pick up MD - i've got an olive and a navy, both by French Connection. they've served me well. all the extra pockets are great for keys / phone / wallet
get both :D
 where in oz are they selling truffles?!
 waiting for it to plummet before i stock up on GBP
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