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got a hole in a cashmere sweater thanks to moths larvae (even despite having moth balls and lavender in the cupboard).   is there someone in sydney that can repair it without the repair being discernible? or is the only way to fix it, DIY stitching?   fortunately the hole isn't very big but would prefer it to look perfect.
any in navy and size 38?
  agree with Petepan. personal injury is crap work and not the cash cow it once used to be. the flip side is you are in Parramatta and it is booming with work (I would know because I've been here for 7 years). if you decide to branch out to other disciplines of law, there's also the family law courts, local and district court for your crime/civil stuff. the restaurant scene is picking up some momentum so there's decent eats for those late nights spent at the photocopier.
 i'm not anal so I couldn't care less. life is too short to be worrying about such minute details.
quality wise I would put them as the same as the classic collection (non blue range) as mjb, if anything, slightly better made.. what I like are the lapels aren't as skinny and the lapel gorges are lower than mjb.. the Jort line would compete head to head with the Japanese made mjb - full canvassed from well known wool mills and some hand finishing. the three that I have have lasted me 3 seasons and still going strong. one is a light grey sharkskin and the others: charcoal...
their suits are good value; I've got 3 from them, two in the Washington and one in the Napoli. they've changed their currency to USD now.. excellent returns policy.
got these for the mrs. but she says they are too 'out there' for her likes.       BB, Zegna, RL and Zegna   real or fake Balmain belt?  
 went in yesterday - saw there was a lovely single button POW check suit in a 40; also spotted some nice light grey flannel odd jackets but the self elbow patches were deal breakers. not bad value for $200.
gentlemen, where would be the best place online to find a pair of women's Saint Laurent nude pumps/heels? i'm looking for a pair of matte ones in particular, such as these. most of the ones i've been seeing are patent.
Didn't do too bad today: Suede shacket (looks like there's some water stains, available)    [[SPOILER]]   Random Made in Korea bomber (unavailable)  Paid way too much for this but it's for flipping purposes:  [[SPOILER]]  Left column: herringbone sydney, RL, RL (unavailable), RMWRight: herringbone Sydney x 3, scummy yellowing white Zegna with nice thick MOP  Hugo black label, Lacoste polo and PRL combat shorts (all unavailable) 
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