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 where in oz are they selling truffles?!
 waiting for it to plummet before i stock up on GBP
my 114270 says hi to yours
I've found with all my half canvassed suits, there's fusing on the lower half of the suit. that's what I detest; the drape (and balance) isn't as elegant as opposed to full canvas. and that's me being fussy. why not have it if you can get it? I haven't ventured into deconstructured jackets... yet.
it looks like there's some space between your feet and the toe vamp, resulting in the prominent creases. I have a similar problem with my Vass double monks. not sure why Vass would repeatedly manufacture shoes that way - even their shoe trees don't fully fill the vamp area.
they rarely have any of their Samurai suits on sale. I won't buy half canvassed suits these days.
in particular reason why you didn't go with a peak lapel CD? 
good to know some of the cash was well spent on quality clothes
bravo Sierra I feel op shops that charge anything north of $15-20 for any item of clothing is daylight robbery.
in a similar boat - decided to live on my own so I've been spending the mighty dollar on white goods. I spoiled myself on a quality 12 piece saucepan set. yet I don't cook much. 😅
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