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sorry, swiss concept. i was on my way up to o'connell st to visit bijan! 
 haha thought i saw you walking into farren price (; well done. congrats. such a beautiful thing.
 haha it's a pleasure. sorry if i appeared.... disorderly. i had just had a few drinks at the local watering hole 
Was walking around town yesterday and saw an Asian iGent wearing a navy MTM suit, Vass U last museum calf oxfords, JLC moonphase and a leather tote. Anyone from here?
One of friends has that same DJ - it is beautifully elegant without the fluted bezel. Datejusts are a bit like mini coopers; they come in so many combinations, with fluted bezels, jubilee bracelets, diamond indices, dial colours and textures, single or two tones that it's unlikely you'll run into a similar watch. I do miss my DJ1. I sold it because for some reason I felt a bit pretentious wearing it since it didn't really reflect me. I was discussing this with Oli the...
I prefer the blue. I don't like the green hour markers though. I'd rather wait for the new explorer or sub than buy a watch I don't "love". It'll be worth the wait.
I think he Blake stitches his shoes actually.
From what I understand with that mate, he doesn't create the lasts or welts the shoes himself. Does that still make him a bespoke shoemaker?
Would've bought them at that price if they were a 42.
no personal experience but mismo worthwhile checking out, ditto with linjer
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