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did anyone get the email from Nungar? RMW are having a pricing review :/
what MD says - cash in wishing well
I had a lady in Parramatta but sadly she passed last year ):
 Weren't their profit margins meagre? I can't blame Cowley for flipping it for top coin - who wouldn't?
has anyone got photos of the kangaroo in craftsman after a few years of wear? the very first post suggest they stretch a bit - looking to see what they look like with the stretch.
for a complete noob like me, that's impressive 👍🏾👊🏾
get the comfort craftsman. the ultra flex is also a worthwhile option
 http://www.styleforum.net/t/38417/official-sales-alert-thread ?
what colour polish would one use for rum coloured boots, given there's mottling? neutral? or Oxblood and dark brown?
 Does Salts Meats Cheese fit the bill? http://www.saltmeatscheese.com.au/  
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