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ThanLikewise, have worn vans and tigers.. Both killed my feet.JM I'm surprised they were chukka and not desert boots! Will give them a shot around town.
hello friends, i will be going away early and would like recommendations on good sneakers (or even shoes) to be traveling in? will be doing lots of walking, sightseeing etc. and would like a pair that will not take too long to break in but more importantly, are easy on the feet after a long day. budget is up to $300.
Chemist warehouse, no fragrance and no tint. It's a white liquid but dries clear and non oily/greasy.
I go to him - Simon from Speedy Shoe Service. Haven't had a sole replacement yet though, only topy and heel replacements
I know it's the end of summer, but for those who've been on the lookout for cotton/linen chinos (a touch on the skinny side), country road has staple colours on sale:   http://www.countryroad.com.au/sale/man/clothing/60168781-194/Cotton-Linen-Chino.html  - navy http://www.countryroad.com.au/sale/man/clothing/60168781-118/Cotton-Linen-Chino.html  - stone
I use Sunsense face moisturiser with spf50+ protection. Not worthwhile getting anything without spf protection.
If it's from the shoulder because of the functioning button holes, ~110+
DidDid your feet get smaller?!
Valentines Day is fast approaching, gents. Any gift ideas for the significant other?
darts are good because if the wearer puts on a bit of weight, you can let out the darts.
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