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does anyone have the JLC Reverso Tribute Calendar? Would love to see photos of it (:
this was a catch and subsequent release. A good friend fell in love with it and begged me to sell it, so within 24 hours of it coming into my hands, I sold it.
if you go to a flagship store they'll have some sizes - at least they did for me in the Sydney store
Did anyone else get on board the Seiko Lagoon? I pre ordered my Samurai srpb09. Can't wait!
I'm also mindful that fragrances reacts differently to people's skins, so JM is right, it's subjective. I found that Tuscan leather is barely detectable by the end of the day. I can see why she thinks it smells like a chesterfield factory - however I find the scent of raspberries more prominent than the leather.
Ernesto, tobacco vanille is very different - it starts off quite sweet and slightly intolerable, however ends quite light. Much more masculine than Tuscan leather. Think of it as deep musky sorta smell. I think Petepan could better describe - he's the person I sourced it from!
Tobacco vanille?
After watching A Single Man, I fancied buying a safety razor at RRP but never got around to it. Found this bad boy in the thrift shop just now. It also came with the strop! Can't wait to use it.
Recently picked this puppy up. I've wanted a 5513 for quite a while (4-5 years), and couldn't justify to myself getting one from the 70s, so a late 80s has done it for me. Has some slate grey patina to the dial. Bracelet needs some work but for a watch this old, can't really complain too much. Otherwise very happy with it.
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