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 you'd ask for a s128 certificate (;
 get bespoke trouser (or two) made then get them replicated. fail proof.
Keep in mind, if the jacket is old and depending on fabric, there might be wear from the edge, and colour difference.
PSA Gentlemens Footwear are having a sale. some nice Carminas on offer.   http://gentlemensfootwear.myshopify.com/   From PTO:   There are three discount codes, which apply to different things: Use code extra10 for non-sale shoes. For one week only, from 08/25 through 08/31, you can use the codesummer10 to receive an extra 10% off shoes that have already been marked down in their sale section. Use code accessory20 for tie, pocket square, scarf purchases over...
  Thanks gents, for the sage advice. @JimmyHoffa indeed it was Despana. I quite enjoyed the dishes; we had the paella, croquette and the roast brown mushrooms. Mind you, Despana was plan C to Bodega and the Winery.   
2am on Sunday morning (date was scheduled for Sunday evening), my phone rang. When I grabbed the phone to answer, the caller was Karen (girl of interest), so I picked up and in a bit of a singsong sort of way (not that most men in my position would care to admit). Some fella on the other side of the line immediately started interrogating me with menacing questions, demanding who I was. I told him my name, and he asked me if I knew he was. I clearly didn't give a shit...
does it count if i used my thrift funds to buy a bespoke suit?
@NAMOR what polish do you use for them? i've got antique cognac OEII's that look very different in colour!
 fortunately not :D  community, employee. PM me if you want stillnox. i jest.   somehow, i knew 'firm' might have been misconstrued. ha. but thanks for the clean sheets and bubbly in the fridge tip lol
She's sweet, outgoing, firm, confident, independent. She's a pharmacist if that makes any difference.
New Posts  All Forums: