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Here's another pic of the mantle, this time with a different, more voluminous, outfit underneath: Y's loose gabardine trousers, Hussein Chalayan shirt, YYPH vest. I'm not sure what to call this look . . . . maybe "Dr. Van Helsing, Hipster Hunter."      
Yes, Valter's got some great stuff on Ebay. I particularly like the tailcoat. Tempted by it, but I think it might be a bit big at the shoulders. Also, I think, given the weather here, it would be more practical to pick up one in a lighter fabric.   Another parcel just arrived: a pair of loose, drawstring trousers from SS 2010 (I think). They are very simple, but constructed of a beautiful dark grey cotton/silk blend, very light and moves beautifully. Wore them out...
Well, I have, yet again, been surprised at how what seems like a relatively simple garment, can come alive when worn. I've just received one of the AW 2012 black cotton mantles. Initially when I saw them in runway pictures, I was intrigued, but I wasn't sure how I felt about them, and whether I could see myself actually wearing one. Then I saw Valter's amazing layered fit pic from a while ago, and I was impressed at how he took something which could, with certain...
Does anyone know anything about Yohji Yamamoto Gothic Homme. I've come across a very few pieces, and I'm interested to know where it stands in terms of quality relative to Y's for Men, what the focus of it was etc. The name makes it sound like Noir for men.The pieces I've seen have all been shirts, but I haven't been able to handle them in person, so I can't speak for the quality of fabric or construction. 
Congratulations on scoring those zipper trousers, kiko! Do you mean the size 4 ones that just finished on Ebay? I was tempted, but decided not to bid in the end, since I already have what seems to be an almost identical pair. Knowing the drama you had with the other zipper trousers, I'm really glad I didn't bid! I'll be interested to hear more about them. The seller claims that they are 100% wool, but the ones I have, which look identical to the ones on Ebay, are a blend...
Just a couple of fit pics of some recent acquisitions (the position of the camera is resulting in some foreshortening, so the pictures aren't ideal): YYPH Blazer (the possibly-but-not-very-likely-fake-one)- 100% wool gabardine, half-lined so a S/S blazer, horn buttons, size 4. Hussein Chalayan shirt - very interesting piece, picked it up new, but cheap because of a minor flaw; double layer, top layer is a very loose white collarless shirt, underneath, and attached to it,...
Yes, those high-waisted pants are truly beautiful, but too small for my size 4 needs. I think being size 3 must be the sweet spot as far as buying Yohji second-hand. In my searches I tend to come across lots and lots of size 3 stuff, some size 2 and 1, and very little size 4 and up. 
In case anyone is interested, I've relisted those blue YYPH trousers I had up on Ebay (the light blue ones with a stripe, not the gabardine which have sold), with a lower starting price. 
I have a question for those who've had more experience with YYPH hats (I only have one). Is there such a thing as sizing for Yohji hats, or does each style simply come in its own, single size? I'm wondering because none of the hats I've seen for sale had sizing numbers on them, and they seem to come in a range of sizes. I've seen a few that I really liked, but they were too small for me (I need a 60cm circumference). I've only seen one hat that was 60cm. 
I just came across this photo of these really interesting YYPH shoes, with a covered heel. I'd love to work out which season they are from. I'd snap them up if I could find a pair.     
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