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To my surprise, I recently bought a NWT pair of these SS 2012 cap-toe boots for a decent price, and they just arrived this morning:     [[SPOILER]] (The ones in the photo are not my pair, but they seem identical to the boots I have, though the one's in the photo are a bit used.)   I've been wanting these ever since I saw them, so I'm very glad to have found a pair.    They're a gorgeous pair of boots, but different, in one regard, to what I was expecting from pictures...
Interest check on a couple of things I'm thinking of selling to pay for recent purchases. I'll add more photos soon, but I'll just describe the things in the meantime. If I don't get any interest here, I will put them up on Ebay.    Firstly, I have Y's for Men black wool gabardine jacket. Not the usual blazer style, more like a work jacket, if that's the right term. Three large pockets on the front. Very simple, probably an AW piece, since the fabric is fairly thick....
Yes, very light weight and a little stretchy. I didn't see it in any runway photos, so it must have been a non-runway variant. 
Some new pieces arrived today, with which I'm very pleased. I'll post some fit pics soon. Firstly, the "distressed" looking knit from AW 2012. Size 2, but very roomy even though I usually take a size 4 in most things (did this even came in multiple sizes?). Very light grey colour, looks almost like an un-dyed, natural wool colour. Incredibly soft mix of 63% alpaca / 37% silk is very light and warm at the same time. I would instinctively prefer black, but it's probably...
Thanks David. I had a look at those 2002 photos from Asobu, and I still can't work out if this is a 2002 jacket. It looks different from the 2002 ones. Maybe it's some non-runway variant?    
Does anyone recall in which season Yohji did some blazers with embroidered wings on them (not the birds of AW2011, but just wings)?
Great shot David! Looking good with the hat. Interestingly, I just picked up a nice fedora the other day (not Yohji, but still a fine hat), and, as someone said a while ago, adding a hat to a Yohji ensemble really lifts it to another level. I'll post a few picks soon, when some of my other recent acquisitions arrive (including a couple of interesting pieces from 2012 and 2013 respectively). And very glad to see you've got the full zipper suit now Kiko.
Have any runway photos of YYPH AW 2002 been put up here? I can't seem to find any.
Wow, thanks for all those responses. I particularly like the double waistcoat from AW2012 and the one posted by kiko. I realise my description was a bit confusing. The bit about it hiding an untucked shirt is not the essential thing. It's more that I love lots of layers, and the formality and old-fashioned vibe of a waistcoat, but find that the usual relatively short version doesn't always make for aesthetically pleasing proportions, especially with the looser lines of a...
Can anyone remind me whether Yohji has, in any previous seasons, made any extra long waistcoats/vests? By long, I mean ones that hang down below waist-level, and can be worn with a shirt underneath, without tucking the shirt in. I have a vague memory of having seen something like this in either a runway photo, or a photo of someone wearing YYPH, but I can't recall where. 
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