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My size 3, SS 2009 P.D.H. blazer (the cotton/silk one like Ivwri's) is now up on Ebay. So annoyed it doesn't fit :( !! Well, hopefully it will find a good home. PM me if you want the link. 
I recently took a risk and purchased a size 3 of that SS2009 cotton/silk jacket that Ivwri also has. I've been waiting for one of the Dr. Y Y suits to turn up, this is such a beautiful piece, and the measurements looked like it might just fit me, so I thought I'd give it a try. It arrived today, and to my great disappointment, it just doesn't fit right. The sleeve length is perfect, and the chest fine, but somehow with my particular body shape, it feels uncomfortably...
Has anyone seen in person this jacket/poncho from YYPH 2010? I'm intrigued to know what the construction is like, and whether it would have the habit of constantly slipping off your left shoulder when unbuttoned. In this photo, there is a vest underneath. So I'm wondering: Is the vest a part of the jacket, which helps to anchor the poncho half? Or is this just a separate vest that the model is wearing underneath?     [[SPOILER]]
Regarding the slim-fitted vs loose-fitted thing: While I don't think other people look bad in slim-fitted clothes (depends on the outfit and the person of course), wearing Yohji has definitely changed my sense of my own, more fitted, non-Yohji clothes. I wore an old pair of regular, non-skinny jeans the other day, and, although I haven't changed size since I bought them, I couldn't believe how uncomfortable they felt, even though they used the fit me "perfectly." Same...
Has anybody posted, or does anyone know a place I could find, more YYPH AW 1997 shots than the ones gathered together on the first page of this thread? I'm trying to track down a photo of a particular piece, but it isn't included in these photos. 
An unseasonably warm day today, so a very different fit from my last one:     YYPH, SS2013, Long-sleeved top (quite intricate pattern woven into the cloth); YYPH, SS2010, 53%Silk/47%Cotton draw-string trousers (the silk/cotton blend is incredibly light and smooth, and amazing to wear on a warm, windy day); YYPH long linen shirt (not sure which collection) with some flowers embroidered on the front, also very light and airy; YYPH horse leather shoes, also possibly SS...
I just put a Y's for Men jacket up on Ebay, to help pay for recent YYPH purchases. Here's how it looks:        If anyone is interested PM me for the link.
Here are a couple of fits inspired by Valter's great layered pics from a while ago (with the 2012 cape/mantle). The only new things here are the hat (not YYPH, but a very nice Biltmore), and the YYPH horse leather boots I described in a previous post. Still not sure what season they are from. It's getting colder here, so I'm looking forward to increasingly extravagant layering!        
I stand corrected. I only just checked the code, which is HJ-E07-704. So, it seems like they must be either AW 2004, or SS 2010. I'm tending towards 2010, although I have to look at some runway photos and see if I can spot them. So, apparently they are a different pair of boots, even though they look almost identical to the SS2012 above in shape, and have the same "rough" edge to the leather soles. The seller didn't mention anything about which collection they were from,...
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